Castle Creations Rock Ready Sensored BL Motors [VIDEO]

Castle Creations Rock Ready Sensored BL Motors [VIDEO]

From Castle Creations:

Castle Creations Inc., the leader in electronic speed controllers (ESCs) and BLDC motors for radio controlled (R/C) car, air, and multi-rotor hobby markets, as well as commercial UAV and drone markets, has been providing award winning brushless sensorless motors to R/C enthusiasts worldwide for more than a decade. In response to overwhelming requests, a new line of LOW KV BRUSHLESS SENSORED motors will be available soon.

Months of hard work went into these LOW KV CRAWLER, SCALER, TRAILTRUCK and ULTRA4 specific 1406 “short” cans. Focus was placed on several aspects to cater to the wishes of everyone who loves to crawl. With slate colored cans these motors are less noticeable in scale trucks yet deliver MONSTROUS TORQUE and PRECISE THROTTLE CONTROL, plus the RAW POWER and LONGER RUN TIMES that Castle’s highly efficient brushless motors are known to produce. These motors mark a new product line for Castle Creations which emphasizes focus on low RPM control. Combined with our X series speed controllers (Mamba Micro X, Mamba X, Mamba Monster X) these motors will enable users to fine tune and set the controllability of their ride to the maximum, or even use the auxiliary wire to toggle between drag brake settings for example.

Without a robust and reliable design, efficiency will only go so far. Oversized NMB bearings and a vibration dampening system were used to guarantee the longest bearing life possible. High-strength, high-temperature grade neodymium sintered magnets combined with a high-strength Kevlar wrap ensures the integrity of the rotor is not compromised during harsh running conditions. A proprietary winding technique is also used to produce a stator assembly that is the lowest possible resistance, resulting in a cooler running and longer lasting motor.

Key features of the new LOW KV SENSORED MOTORS include:

  • Designed and supported in Olathe, KS USA.
  • 4-POLE 12-SLOT design boasts exceptional EFFICIENCY and produces LESS HEAT.
  • QUIETSENSE™ technology shields the sensors from magnetic field noise through the use of a FLUX SHIELD™ in conjunction with secondary Sense Magnets delivering even HIGHER PRECISION and MORE EFFICIENT startups.
    REBUILDABLE design allows users to replace front end bell/bearing assembly or rotor/shaft assembly.
  • Conformal coated sensor board offers a level of WATER RESISTANCE1 unparalleled in the sensored crawler market.
  • ROAR standard sensor port and labeled connections.
  • When paired with a Castle Creations X-Series ESC, like the MAMBA MICRO X, MAMBA X or MAMBA MONSTER X, you can unlock2 advanced OPTIMIZED FEATURES that Castle Link3 provides specifically for CRAWLER, SCALER, TRAIL TRUCK AND ULTRA4 enthusiasts. CRAWLER MODE, ROCK RACE MODE and ADJUSTABLE DRAG BRAKE are new auxiliary wire modes designed to allow users to get the most of their ESC when used in rock racing or rock crawling vehicles.

Castle Creations’ initial release of four low Kv sensored motors will begin shipping in late April from Olathe, Kansas.
#060-0068-00 – SENSORED 1406-1900KV FOUR-POLE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – USD $75.06 /EA
#060-0069-00 – SENSORED 1406-2280KV FOUR-POLE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – USD $75.06 /EA
#060-0070-00 – SENSORED 1406-2850KV FOUR-POLE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – USD $75.06 /EA
#060-0071-00 – – SENSORED 1406-3800KV FOUR-POLE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – USD $75.06 /EA

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Updated: December 1, 2017 — 11:14 PM


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  1. Hey looking for a castle creations brushless sensord
    Combo for a 12lb crawler with lots of tourqe with top and low end speed. Please email me back

    1. Sorry, are you asking for a recommendation or asking if this Castle combo will work for your crawler?

      1. Recommendation of the castle setup. This one or a different catle setup. Its a heavy truck and i need tourqe and top speed for the stuff im into. I saw a utube video looked really good. But i dont know which one to use for heavier trucks.

        1. Is this “heavy truck” a 1/8 or 1/5 vehicle? You said it weighs 12 lbs which is on the heavy side so I guessing this is a 1/5 size vehicle. Looking at their site for motors you can only run the Castle 2028 Extreme 800Kv motor since it is the only one rated to handle cars that weight over 9 lbs (30 lbs for 2WD and 25 lbs for 4WD). So in that case the only compatible ESC is the Mamba XL X.

          Check out their surface systems here:

          Hope this helps!

          1. Hey sorry i should have stated that it is 1/10th axial scx10.

          2. Heavy yes, my heyok which can dead lift it as well
            I try not to tho, unless its to show it up. My other friend has a mamba max esc and a novak something motor, all brushless sensord and his truck does really well with his truck at 11ish pounds. He has alot of what i want in a system. I just thought id scoop up a new castle setup. He did tell me the other day that his was only rated for 7 or so pound truck.
            Thanks for anymore info you may have.

          3. Ok if you are using an Axial SCX10 then the castle system I mentioned won’t work, especially the motor since it is too big. You are probably running a 2S LiPo pack too so I would look at the new Sidewinder 4 since it can handle up to 3S LiPo packs and comes in a few combos aimed at different applications:


            But if you truck is 12 lbs I honestly can’t say how any of their 1/10 systems will hold up since that sounds extremely heavy IMO. You could contact them for more info on that too before buying.

  2. Nice to see low KV mortors becoming more commonplace, i wish they did a 1200KV version though. i want one to do a 6s powered (1500mah) stadium truck. I believe that the efficiency of such a setup, geared to match a standard 2s would be at least 45-50 minute runtime. at least the companies are catching up

    1. Larry Palmer Jr. Tekin does a 6S 1200kv motor. Tekin ROC412. It’s expensive though, almost twice the price of a Castle Creations SENSORED 1406-1900KV.

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