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Viper RC Releases VTX10/10R ESC

Viper RC Releases VTX10/10R ESC

The VTX10/10R Electronic Speed Control from Viper RC will blaze a new path in intelligent motor drive technology for 1/10-scale and 1/12-scale RC cars and trucks. From the high quality components and precise tuning using ProGuage 5-in-1 tool, the VTX 10/10R will take your RC car to the next level of competition without lugging around a laptop and programming without unplug RX connector. The VTX10/10R can easily fit all applications with its incredibly small footprint. This little unit delivers performance, quality and customizable settings that gives the user unlimited possibilities.

Plus standard features like:

  • True sensored system
  • Dynamic drag brake setting by motor RPM and curve profiles
  • Dynamic timing boost for competitive track conditions
  • Detailed throttle punch/curve setting
  • SBEC up to 7.0V for the best steering response
  • Battery cut of, ESC temperature, and motor temperature protection
  • LED indicator for STOCK/MODIFIED class race
  • Auto time-out power off
  • Waterproof case
  • ProGauge interface for visualized setting
  • 8 Default standard set up profiles that allow quick set up without ProGauge for easy bashing enjoyment
  • VIPER Software for firmware upgrade (link device sold separately)

VTX10/10R Specifications:


ON Resistance: 0.00045Ω * 2
Max Input Voltage: 17V/ 4S Li-Po
Max Peak BEC voltage/amp: 7V / 5A
Motor Limit: 540/ 6.5T
Dimensions (WxLxH): 30×32.5×14.5mm


ON Resistance: 0.000225Ω * 2
Max Input Voltage: 17V / 4S Li-Po
Max Peak BEC voltage/amp: 7V / 5A
Motor Limit: 550/no limit
Dimensions (WxLxH): 30×32.5×19.5mm

Updated: March 31, 2011 — 3:22 PM
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  1. I wish I could test one of the tracks here at the Brazilian as it is possible.?

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