How To Troubleshoot A Nitro Engine [Glow Plugs/Igniters]

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It’s Running…Right?

When all else fails, ask an experienced nitro guy to check your equipment.  There’s no replacement for experience, and as you tune more engines, you’ll become familiar with problem signals and their causes.  Just remember-an engine needs fuel, air and a spark to run properly.  Keep those three components healthy, and your engine will run every time.

Glow Plugs/Igniters:

Fuel, check. Air, check. Ignition? The last essential component for operating a nitro engine is the glow plug/glow igniter.  To get an engine started, you need a hot glow-plug element to ignite the fuel/air mixture.  First ensure that your igniter is fully charged by pressing a new glow plug against the contacts; the plug element should flow.  Then check your engine’s glow plug for the same look.  Flow plugs are consumable items; they don’t last forever.  If the plug doesn’t glow brightly or at all, replace it.

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