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Team Orion Experience 2 Pro Brushless System for Short Course Trucks

Team Orion Experience 2 Pro Brushless System for Short Course Trucks

New from Team Orion:

Short Course Racing

Short Course Racing has never been more popular – not only backyard bashers love the trucks, also racers were attracted by the Short Course action. Just lately Team Orion super star Jared Tebo won the Short Course Showdown held at Trackside Hobbies in Milwaukee!

Maximum power, best drivability

Team Orion developed an all new Brushless System with only one goal: deliver more power, more speed and more punch to Short Course trucks! We always kept in mind to give the driver perfect feel and drivability. Like this the Experience 2 Pro Brushless system was born!

Great compatibility with Short Course trucks on the market

Hundreds of testing hours have been invested to develop the optimal brushless system for the short course application. The system has been tested in the Short Course trucks available on the market to provide best compatibility!

Perfect fit into Traxxas® Slash®

To fit the very popular Traxxas® Slash® short course truck, the large size heatsink features two mounting holes. Like that the speedo can be installed in the car with two screws – exactly like the standard ESC of the Slash® ! It also comes standard with the TRX® high power connector.

Easy to install, easy to use!

The Brushless system is equiped with all the goodies from the well known Experience 2 Brushless technology like automatic setup and plug&play technology.


  • High Power Brushless System for Short Course Trucks
  • Experience 2 Pro 3750KV High Power Motor, 550sized
  • Experience 2 Pro Sensorless Brushless speed control with integrated cooling fan
  • Plug&Play Technology
  • Automatic Setup
  • TRX® Connector
  • Direct fit on Traxxas® Slash® and many other Short Course Trucks
  • Optimal ESC/Motor Combo

Technical Specifications

ESC (ORI65016)

BL system: sensorless
Functions: Forward/Brake/ Reverse
Battery connector: TRX®
Input voltage: 6-8 cells NiMH/NiCd, 2-3 cells LiPo/LiFe
Max current: 70A
Peak current: 360A
BEC: 6V 2A
Weight: 88g
Dimensions: 52.5x45x24mm
Can be used with the Vortex DSB (ORI65020)

10T Motor (ORI28179)

Input voltage: 6-8 cells NiMH/NiCd, 2-3 cells LiPo/LiFe
Max current: 70A
Peak current: 90A
Resistance: 0,0083Ohm
No load current: 2.8A
Winding: 10T
RPM/V: 3750KV
Shaft length: 16.5mm
Shaft diameter: Ø 3,175mm
Dimensions: 38x56mm
Weight: 234g

ORI66045 Experience 2 Pro Combo (motor+controller with fan)
ORI28179 Experience 2 Pro Motor
ORI65016 Experience 2 Pro Controller

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Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 5:15 PM
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