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Tamiya Japan Reveals Rock Socker CR-01

Tamiya Japan Reveals Rock Socker CR-01

No pic of this bad boy at the Tamiya USA site yet, so we snagged this shot from Tamiya Japan–remember, “www” stands for world wide web! The trail-taming CR-01 platform is the latest Tamiya rig to get a new-body refresh. Dubbed the “Rock Socker,” the truck’s lexan bodywork is based on the classic Stadium Blitzer design with a new color scheme and graphics. Since it’s a CR-01, you can count on aluminum chassis rails, solid axles spun by a center gearbox via shafts, and 4-link suspension and a unique shock setup–see the detail below. We like the look of this guy right out of the box, and Tamiya offers a gang of hop-ups to trick it out. We’ll build one up as soon as we can snag one.



Nice stance. Tamiya’s stuff always looks great.



This is Tamiya’s stock CR-01 chassis shot, the Rock Socker may have a few different touches (such as red bead-lock rings, for sure).



Here’s a closeup of the unique shock setup; the spring is removed from the damper and squeezed directly by the axle, while the damper is compressed by a linkage and bellcrank.

Updated: April 9, 2014 — 12:23 PM
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