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Novak Gear: Low-Profile Heat Sink, 2-Cell Li-Fe Battery Cut-Off, Insulator Packs

Novak Gear: Low-Profile Heat Sink, 2-Cell Li-Fe Battery Cut-Off, Insulator Packs

New from Novak:Havoc 1S Low-Profile Heat Sink Replacement

For a sleek, low-profile exterior, Novak is introducing the Havoc 1S Low-Profile Heat Sink Replacement (#5401). The new heat sink can be easily installed onto the Havoc Sport 1S Brushless/Brush ESC (#1731), utilizing the same screw pattern as the original heat sink. The custom-crafted heat sink also aids speed control installation for 1S Li-Po applications, where size and weight constraints are common.

This versatile heat sink is also compatible with Novak’s Havoc 2S Sport Brushless/Brush ESC (in systems #3033-#3038) with a Smart Boost 1-Cell Li-Po Step-Up Module (#5474) to equip the speed control with 1S Li-Po compatibility.

Installing the Havoc 1S Low-Profile Heat Sink requires the removal of the ESC’s original heat sink and gap pad. Care must be taken when replacing the heat sink.

The Havoc 1S Heat Sink Replacement (#5401) is now available.


  • Low-Profile Heat Sink
  • Screws
  • Gap Pad
  • Detailed Instructions

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Smart-Stop 2-Cell Li-Fe Battery Cut-Off Module

With Li-Fe batteries’ increasing popularity, Novak has designed the Smart-Stop 2-Cell Li-Fe Battery Cut-Off Module (#5475) to work with the batteries’ lower recommended cut-off voltage and protect drivers’ battery investment. The Smart-Stop Li-Fe Module connects between the receiver and speed control, monitors the battery pack voltage, and prevents the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level.

The first Li-Fe Smart-Stop Cut-Off Module uses a combination of throttle interruption and a visual cue from a remotely-mounted, ultra-bright blue LED. If the vehicle is run beyond the warning period, the Smart-Stop Cut-Off Module will bring the motor to neutral while leaving steering control intact.

The Smart-Stop features a One-Touch Set-Up™ button for accurate and complete ESC setting control, and a 6-inch replaceable LED harness.

The versatile Smart-Stop is compatible with all brushless and brushed speed controls that do not include built-in Li-Fe battery protection, and 2-cell Li-Fe battery packs, including MaxAmps® Green Series Li-Fe Packs™.

The Smart-Stop 2-Cell Li-Fe Battery Cut-Off Module (#5475) is now available.

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Ballistic Motor Insulator Pack

Novak is releasing the remaining replaceable pieces in its Ballistic motor. The pack includes a front fish paper disk, a fiberglass solder tab stamping cover and a silicone sensor harness grommet, which provide insulation for the motor.

The Ballistic Motor Insulator Pack (#S5903) is now available.

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
Radio Control Car Action
Updated: December 16, 2010 — 7:46 PM
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