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Mugen MBX-6TR Silver Carbon Race Edition 1/8 Nitro Truggy

Mugen MBX-6TR Silver Carbon Race Edition 1/8 Nitro Truggy

This new truggy from Mugen is decked out with tons of silver carbon parts and comes as a kit. Check out the info below for more details:

Mugen Seiki is proud to announce the release of the all new MBX-6TR Silver Carbon Race Edition Truggy. This kit is designed to answer what the racers are craving in performance and stability!


  • Alum Front Upper Arm Mount (E0177)
  • Graphite Front Upper Plate (M1201)
  • Alum Rear Lower Arm Mount (E0185)
  • Graphite Center Diff Mount (M1202)
  • S5 O-Ring (Silicon/E0257)
  • Graphite Radio Tray (M1204)
  • Alum Servo Saver Shaft (E0327)
  • Graphite Battery Tray (M1205)
  • Long Chassis +5 (E0417)
  • Graphite Front Hub Carrier Arm Mount (M1208L/R)
  • Front Damper Spring 1.5/7.5T (E0574)
  • Graphite Front Damper Stay (M1209)
  • Rear Damper Spring 1.5/8.0T (E0577)
  • Graphite Rear Damper Stay (M1210)
  • Alum Servo Horn Set (B0429)
  • Proline Bulldog Clear Body

Other necessary equipment:

2ch Propo and 2 servo/Receiver Battery/21 Class Rear Exhaust Engine (only chassis kit)/Muffler/Manifold/Manifold Spring/Tire w/Wheel & Inner Foam/Engine Starter/Body paint tools/Fuel

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Updated: June 1, 2012 — 2:25 PM
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