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Much More’s Latest Gear Now Blue-Anodized

Here is the latest from Much More.


A new winning color for Muchmore products!

Now, in addition to black, many of Muchmore’s race-winning electronics come with sharp-looking blue anodized cases.  Included are top-performing field and track equipment like the  CTX-D2 discharger, Power Master and Power Master Mini power supplies, Motor Master, Thermoelectric Cooler, Tire Warmer, Power Truer, Battery Heat Sink, Battery Warming Tray and more.   These bright blue products add a splash of color to the pit area and are the color choice of IFMAR World Champion and Muchmore driver Marc Rheinard!

MMRC2101  Battery Heat Sink II-Blue       Retail:$109.99 Street:$69.99
MMRC2105  Battery Warming Tray-Blue       Retail:$49.99   Street:$29.99
MMRC2261  IC-Controlled Tire Warmer-Blue      Retail:$319.99 Street:$199.99
MMRC2281  Power Truer Tire Sander-Blue       Retail:$139.99 Street:$89.99
MMRC3011  Thermoelectric Cooler-Blue       Retail:$109.99 Street:$69.99
MMRP1021  CTX-D2 Discharger-Blue       Retail:$109.99 Street:$69.99
MMRP1025  Cell Conditioner-Blue       Retail:$44.99   Street:$29.99
MMRP1033  AAAD Individul Dischrger for AAA Battries-Blue Retail:$59.99   Street:$39.99
MMRP1051  Power Master World Edition 2 Power Supply-Blue Retail:$219.99 Street:$139.99
MMRP1056  Power Master Mini Power Supply-Blue      Retail:$89.99   Street:$59.99

For more information please visit:  www.muchmoreusa.com

Updated: December 16, 2010 — 8:12 PM
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