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MIP Carbide Diff Ball Rebuild Kit For TLR 22 Vehicles

MIP Carbide Diff Ball Rebuild Kit For TLR 22 Vehicles

From MIP:

Awhhh mannnn its time to rebuild that ball differential, time to get a separate package of carbide diff balls, diff rings, thrust assembly, t-nut, spring, screw, diff and thrust lube; darn that’s a lot of separate packages you have to buy; but what if there was a better way? Now there is; MIP’s complete ball differential rebuild kit! An all-in-one diff kit that comes with the highest grade materials that will completely replace all of your old components (except outdrives/diff gear) with MIP’s race winning formula. Featuring tungsten carbide diff balls, hardened and polished diff/thrust rings, new spring and screw, necessary lubes, as well as MIP’s rebuildable Aluminum T-nut that has 30% better break away force and superior shear strength when compared to a conventional t-nut! This upgrade is truly a no brainier. Get MIP, Go 100% USA!


TLR 22 Series Standard Diff Vehicles
(Does not work with MIP TLR ball diffs)


All-in-one diff kit


  • Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls
  • Hardened/Polished Diff and Thrust Rings
  • New Spring and Screw
  • MIP Aluminum Machined T-Nut
  • MIP’s Special Diff and Thrust Lube


MIP Confetti Sticker (1), 5/64” Chrome Steel Ball Bearing (6), 3/32” Gr.25 Tungsten Carbide Diff Ball (14), MIP Diff Ring (2), MIP 2-56 x 7/8” SHCS (1), #2 Hardened Washer (2), Diff Spring ¼ x 9/32” (1), MIP T-Nut Housing .250 Bore (1), MIP T-Nut Insert .250 Bore (1), Diff Lube & Grease Cup (1)


  • 1 x 2.0 mm Allen Key – (Suggested #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm)
  • Standard Diff. (TLR #232000)
  • Diff Gear (TLR #2953)
  • Outdrives (TLR #2955)


TLR 22 Series Vehicles

#16100 – $24.00
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MIP Carbide Diff Ball Rebuild Kit For TLR 22 Vehicles

Updated: July 17, 2016 — 11:43 PM
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