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The Nomadio Blues

A few years ago, I switched my entire fleet of RC vehicles over from geriatric AM radio gear to awesome new 2.4GHz.  After many hours of careful research, I selected Nomadio as my new radio system of choice.  It was expensive to retrofit the better part of a dozen vehicles, but I figured the expense [...]

Oct 20, 2011 Comments
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Workbench Essentials: Reinforced Aluminum Tape

It’s been a while since my last rummage through the tool drawer, so I figure I’m overdue.  This time around I’ve picked one of my very favorites: reinforced aluminum tape.  I know that doesn’t sound very interesting or glamorous, but give it a chance and you’ll be sold.  I promise. Foil tape is really only useful [...]

Oct 18, 2011 Comments
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Making the best of a bad situation

Nobody wants to have a bad weekend, but sometimes it just happens.  You’re out at your favorite RC spot with your friends, ready to enjoy a great day with your hobby, and then something goes very wrong.  Maybe your engine decides to throw a rod, or your ESC starts belting out smoke, or your steering [...]

Sep 27, 2011 Comments
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Sheldon’s Drift Comp Round 3 – Saturday September 24

Don’t miss out on the third installation of Sheldon’s Hobbies’ awesome drift comp series. Head down to the track this Saturday, September 24th, and get sideways for some killer prizes.

Sep 23, 2011 Comments
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Sheldon’s Drift Comp Round 2–Saturday September 10

Summer might be winding down, but the drifting season is still in full swing!  Stop by Sheldon’s Hobbies this Saturday and sign up for round 2 of their awesome Drift Competition Series for a chance to win some sweet gear.  Practice starts at 10am, and the comp kicks off at 2pm.  See you there!   [...]

Sep 07, 2011 Comments
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Fast is fun, but slow isn’t too bad either

Over the past couple of decades, RC vehicles of all kinds have become leaner, meaner, and faster.  In the 1980’s, a typical basher (such as a Tamiya Frog) would top out at around 25 mph and run for maybe 6 minutes.  In the 1990′s, average basher speeds were closer to the mid 30 mph range, [...]

Aug 11, 2011 Comments
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All Speed RC Drift Competition – Sunday, August 7th

The hard-working crew at Hyper Drift is at it again, this time with a drift comp on August 7th at All Speed Hobbies in South San Francisco, CA.  Clear out your Sunday schedules and go check it out! Date: August 7th Sunday Location: All Speed Hobbies Surface: Carpet firm Times: – Practice: Open to 11:30am [...]

Aug 05, 2011 Comments
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Camaro Phantom SS

I recently completed a police car project, but what good is law enforcement without some criminals to chase around?  Fellow RCCA contributor Eric J. Miller was happy to oblige in this regard, and requested an illegal-looking car body for his TC4 drifter. Eric settled on one of HPI’s awesome new Camaro 1/10th sedan shells in [...]

Aug 03, 2011 Comments
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