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Epic Hard Anodized Aluminum 64 Pitch Pinions

Epic Hard Anodized Aluminum 64 Pitch Pinions

New from Epic:64 pitch lightweight aluminum pinion gears for use in 1/12th cars, 1/10th touring, oval and WTC cars. Hard anodized for long life. Tooth size etched on pinion.

TEP4130, 30 Tooth
TEP4131, 31 Tooth
TEP4132, 32 Tooth
TEP4133, 33 Tooth
TEP4134, 34 Tooth
TEP4135, 35 Tooth
TEP4136, 36 Tooth
TEP4137, 37 Tooth
TEP4138, 38 Tooth
TEP4139, 39 Tooth
TEP4140, 40 Tooth
TEP4141, 41 Tooth
TEP4142, 42 Tooth
TEP4143, 43 Tooth
TEP4144, 44 Tooth
TEP4145, 45 Tooth
TEP4146, 46 Tooth
TEP4147, 47 Tooth
TEP4148, 48 Tooth
TEP4149, 49 Tooth
TEP4150, 50 Tooth
TEP4151, 51 Tooth
TEP4152, 52 Tooth
TEP4153, 53 Tooth
TEP4154, 54 Tooth
TEP4155, 55 Tooth
TEP4156, 56 Tooth
TEP4157, 57 Tooth
TEP4158, 58 Tooth
TEP4159, 59 Tooth
TEP4160, 60 Tooth

MSRP: $6.99 each

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
Radio Control Car Action
Updated: December 21, 2010 — 2:02 PM

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