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In A Class of Its Own

It didn’t take long for 2wd offroad electric buggies to go from zero to hero once again.  Over the past year or two, 2wd buggies have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity matched only by that of 1980′s comic book heroes.  So what’s the deal? My guess is that the economy took a huge bite out [...]

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It’s A Matter of Perspective

Speed and handling fascinate me, especially as they relate to RC vehicles. Speed is, as everyone who’s ever driven an RC car knows, what every person asks about when seeing an RC car for the first time. “How fast does it go?” My usual response: it’s fast. To the uninitiated, any hobby quality RC car [...]

May 04, 2012 Comments by
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Are You Club Racing Again?

We had an incredible turnout last night at my local club race track, Hot Rod Hobbies here in Southern California, that made me pause and think….is club racing back for the summer? In recent months, club racing seems to have tapered off a bit.  Maybe it’s a seasonal thing.  Maybe it was the holidays or [...]

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It’s Time To Build The Tamiya Bruiser

It’s time–I’m starting the Bruiser build, and I plan to document it in photos and video as I go. I’m already aware that others on the world wide interwebz have their own builds of this truck going.  Save your snippy comments for Kevin Hetmanski’s weekly RC Show performance.  I plan to offer some different building [...]

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Vintage Cars — What’s Old Is New Again

I like to believe I’m not old, but I’m no spring chicken either.  In my 30′s, I’m squarely in middle of the RC demographic of guys with too much time and just enough expendable income on their hands.  I’m proud to be an RC guy and I profess it regularly.  Having been in RC for [...]

Feb 29, 2012 Comments by
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Racing Season Is Upon Us!

Can you believe it?  2012 is here, and with February comes the kickoff for the summer racing season.  No, not lawnmower racing (but really, how cool is that photo?!).  While much of the country is still under snow and cold conditions, the Dirt Nitro Challenge will signal the year’s first major race next weekend in [...]

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Pro Driver Merry Go Round

It’s that time of year again!  Professional RC racers are swapping teams, signing new contracts, dumping old sponsors and picking up new ones.  For some of you, this makes for an exciting game of pro driver roulette. What I find interesting is the number of drivers who leave teams only to wish they had never [...]

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Top 10 Excuses To Get RC For Christmas

Every Christmas season, we search for reasons to convince our significant other that RC equipment makes a great gift.  Who wants socks and button-up shirts when you could get a 4.5-turn brushless motor or fifteen sets of rubber tires? Here are the top 10 reasons why we like to ask for RC gifts at Christmas [...]

Dec 25, 2011 Comments
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