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Corally Gear: iBS Charge lead for 1S & 2S LiPos, 10X Front Bumper

Corally Gear: iBS Charge lead for 1S & 2S LiPos, 10X Front Bumper

New from Corally:

iBS Charge lead for 1S & 2S LiPo’s (Deans + Balance Plug)

This is a Corally iBS Charge lead for 1S & 2S LiPo’s with Deans and Balance Plug.

This Charge cable lets you hook up your regular 2S LiPo racing batteries the easy way. It comes with a Deans connector and single pin balancing plug installed.

This is a specially made harness we have requested made for use with the iBS Balance Charger and any pack with 4 mm connectors and a balancing port. It links the balancer functions of the iBS Charger directly to the pack whilst charging, ensuring best possible charging and conditioning of the packs individual cells. All done directly by the charger automatically!


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10X Front Bumper – 3.0 mm Graphite

This new 3.0 mm 10X Front Bumper is made of full graphite and replaces the older nylon front bumper part number #76100.


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Updated: October 27, 2010 — 12:17 PM
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