70s Sheetmetal for Short Course: Parma 71 Muscle Baja SC

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Parma’s got a bunch of different options for styling out your short-course truck as something other than a short-course truck. You can go with a dune buggy, a 50s look, a classic panel truck, or vintage muscle–like this latest addition, the ’71 Muscle Baja SC. Parma does a good job of stretching the lines to fit the large width and wheelbase of a short-course machine, and the Duster Demon styling cues are right on the money for that early-70s vibe. See the press info below for more details.



From Parma:
The race is on! Convert your short course truck into a classic style off-road race car. Following Parma’s 69 Muscle Baja body, the 71 Muscle Baja is sure to please with unique styling and plenty of wheel clearance to mount it high or low. It is shown mounted on factory body posts. It also looks great on a rally car chassis (front body mount modifications are required). The clear .040″ body includes window paint masks, decals and EASY-PEEL body mask. In Stock And Available Now! More body styles in the works.

#1245 – $39.99


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