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There are certain situations that demand added power when running monster trucks and electric 1/8 scale vehicles that use high-voltage servos and multi-cell LiPo packs.  Circumstances where you are running powerful servos and brushless motors drawing on two LiPo packs with three or more cells can outmatch your speed control’s internal BEC voltage output and require you to add an additional receiver battery pack to handle your electrics extra voltage needs.  Castle Creations CC BEC Pro eliminates the need for a clunky heavy battery pack with a very lightweight BEC that gives you more control and adjustability over voltage output via the optional Castle Link USB computer connector and software.

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The need to reduce weight and get the most out of your 1/8 scale vehicles and monster trucks is a must when you’ve invested in high-performance electrics.  A BEC, or battery eliminator circuit, is a small electronic circuit wired between your speed control, main battery and receiver that draws the high voltage from the main battery and drops it to a voltage that is safe for your receiver and servos. The BEC Pro definitely required a little care when soldering the power leads but I simply followed the included diagram connecting the receiver and speed control accordingly. With the added benefits of the CC BEC Pro offering up a greater amount of adjustability over your voltage output and being lightweight it was easy to see that it is the better option over a receiver pack.  A typical receiver pack weighs in at three to four ounces whereas the CC BEC Pro barely weighs an ounce.  I tested the CC BEC Pro in my E-Revo which I had modified with two Hi-Tec 7000 series high-torque high-voltage servos and two 3S LiPo battery packs.  If you do decide to invest in the optional Castle Link connector and software you can easily hook the BEC Pro up to your computer and change its output voltage to the required 7.4v that the servos need to run at peak performance.  The vehicle performed without fail with the addition of the BEC Pro which optimized the power being delivered to the servos giving my monster truck the additional performance I was looking for.  The BEC Pro even has a small enough footprint to be secured with double-sided tape in convenient locations on your vehicle where battery packs cannot go.  Castle Creations CC BEC Pro is a great option for larger scale applications where your goal aims for maximum power and efficiency and you lack the space to strap on a bulky receiver pack.


  • Item Number 010-0004-01
  • Retail Price:  $44.95
  • Length – 1.69″ (43mm)
  • Width -  1.3″ (33mm)
  • Height – 0.94″ (24mm)
  • Weight – 1 oz (29g)
  • Max Amps – 20 amps peak
  • Max Volts – Cars: 6s (25v)
  • Adjustable Output Voltage – 4.8V to 12.5V
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