Pit Tips: Quick Pins [May]

Mar 21, 2013 2 Comments by

Quick Pins: Losing body pins can be one of the most frustrating things to happen during a day out with an RC car.  To keep my pins from getting lost, I glue a small magnet to my body.  When I remove the pins, I just put them on the magnet so they do not get lost.  If the magnet is strong enough, you can even put it on the underside of the body to keep it out of sight.

Tony Quir – Las Vegas, NV

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2 Responses to “Pit Tips: Quick Pins [May]”

  1. Costin says:

    Or glue some on the lower part of the TX, if you have one TX for more cars that saves on magnets :) And you can lay down more small magnets spread all over the surface to help with screws and what not.

  2. Adam mcintee says:

    i have been in the hobby for 15 years and what i do is when i remove my body or battery or whatever push the pins in where they go so they cant be lost

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