ProTek RC “TruTorque” Shock Pliers

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These shock pliers are made of aluminum and feature a unique “nut-cracker” design that allows them to used with both 1/10 and 1/8 suspension components. Check out the official press release below for more info:

From now on you’ll only need one tool for your shocks—the versatile ProTek RC “TruTorque” Shock Pliers. Grab a hold of your 1/10-scale or 1/8-scale shock shafts, shock bodies and ball ends without scuffing or marring their surfaces.

The ProTek RC “TruTorque” Shock Pliers are a must for any serious racer who routinely tunes their suspension package. The “nut-cracker” shape of the all-aluminum pliers allows users to gauge the compression applied to the part that his held. The surface of the Shock Pliers has been anodized black, and features a slight texture to ensure a solid hold. Whether you need to grab ahold of a shock shaft for installing new shock ends or you need to secure your shock body for installing a shock cap, these pliers are up to the task. The ProTek RC Shock Pliers also have a stepped post for snapping 1/10-scale and 1/8-scale ball ends in or out. ProTek RC “TruTorque” Shock Pliers will last for years and are sure to be a favorite tool for the serious racer.


  • Will work for both 1/10-scale and 1/8-scale shocks.
  • All-aluminum construction.
  • Anodized black and finished with a slight texture for a solid hold.
  • Two slots for different sized shock shafts.
  • Two sections for various sized shock bodies.
  • A stepped post easily snaps 1/10-scale and 1/8-scale ball ends in or out.
  • “Nut-cracker” shape gives racers a feel of the compression being applied.

#PTK-8267 – $24.99

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