Teaser: Pro-Line Rat Rod

Feb 13, 2013 15 Comments by

Pro-Line has released this teaser image of what appears to be a rat rod inspired body and possible some new wheels and tires to go with it. 

Is this just a new body, tires, and other accessories, or possibly an entire conversion kit for an existing vehicle?

What do you think?  Sound off below!

PL RR body

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15 Responses to “Teaser: Pro-Line Rat Rod”

  1. geovw72 says:

    Looks like a revo under there, different size tires with 4wd is a plan for disaster.

  2. tink-tink says:

    It looks like the wheels are the same size hight wise, different widths defiantly

    Will I have one for no reason? Yessir

  3. bob says:

    its on a 1/16 scale revo platform, you can tell by the silver lock nuts(1/10 use blue spindle hubs)

  4. Madkow says:

    I don’t care whats under there…I have to have one

  5. B989 says:

    @tink-tink looks to me like those rears are considerably taller as well as wider…

  6. Gary says:

    Freakin Awesome! I’ve been looking to build an R. C. version of one of my rods.

  7. steven guglielmo says:

    my next project…

  8. Colin says:

    It looks pretty cool but I don’t know if there’ll be a huge market for it but ,
    that’s awesome

  9. anthonycrompton1980 says:

    that would look cool as on an old losi jrxt or old type stadim truck

  10. Audiophile says:

    That’s pretty dope but if Pro Line wants to get the full effect they should design a Rat Rod wheel with a Moon Disc face to really tie it all together with the white walls.

  11. Victor Cifuentes Jr says:

    Could it be another project for the slash?

  12. Rob Arthur says:

    I’d like to see white lettered tires and black chrome rims with 17 mm hexes. The body is pretty cool. I wish they’d make a Dodge Ram pickup body for the Stampede with a hood scoop and rear spoiler built in.

  13. Alex says:

    I want one . Keep us posted on when this is hitting the market alex-johnson@live.com.au

  14. Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

    Some good guesses on here, and so far one of you have nailed it on the head. :)

  15. geovw72 says:

    Looking a the push rod it looks like a traxxas 1/16. Pro-line’s 2.2 wheels for the same vehicle, with the right tires on the front and 2.8 somehow finagled on the rear.
    Kinda cool, but I’m more of a vw guy so the Parma buggy more my style.

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