MuchMore Racing LED Light Setup Board

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Dial in your setup while you light up the sky with this new LED setup board from MuchMore. Check out more details below:

Have a profound effect even dress up, so the size can be efficient as well as up to illuminate the hand at the time of detailed work and back side chassis by a light source from below, in light of the overall body and chassis after the completion of maintenance! It is equipped with the volume you want to adjust the amount of light, you can adjust the brightness of Shining board to match the brightness of the surroundings.


Size 480 x 360 x 12mm
Weight: 2,200g
Input Voltage: DC12v ~ 13.8v
Power Consumption: 12 watts
Light Source: LED
Rated Life: 50,000times
Temperature Range: 0 ~ 40C
Acrylic material: Board
Carrying bag material: Oxford, nylon, PVC

February 2013

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