RC Black Friday Sale – RC Car Action Hoodie To The Rescue!

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We’ve all had it happen to us; your wife, girlfriend or someone you love calls you with “I got you a present” but when you finally get it, it’s something horrendous! Normally you could just thank Aunt Verna for the “present” and toss it in the bottom of your closet or under your bed; but when it’s the love of your life, you live in constant fear of the day he or she says, “Why don’t you ever wear that *insert terrible gift here*?” and before you know it, you’re heading to school or work with some sort of questionable garment of clothing on.

Last week, my lovely fiance calls me and delivers the “I got you something.” Well, I couldn’t really pack my bags and hope for a new life in Canada so I resigned myself to act surprised when, yes folks, THE BEAR SHIRT showed up in my hands. Complete with a full shirt picture of a bear eating a fish while standing in a river, there it was in all its polyester, skin-tight glory… did I mention it had a bear on it? Part of me was convinced she was just messing with me, but I don’t dare ask for fear for my life!

So, when and where does one wear such a glorious shirt of “grizzly” proportion? Well, if you follow her fashionable recommendation, the proper time to wear said shirt is to work for Casual Friday. I began to sweat, not just from its polyester heat-holding awfulness but at this point, I realize that she is messing with me and this has become a body-forming game of clothing chicken. Always up for the challenge, I wear the shirt to work and make sure I get to the office in plenty of time to deploy my top secret defense system, my trusty RC Car Action Hoodie!

The RC Car Action Hoodie is a 50/50 cotton poly blend for comfort and durability. Available in Large, Extra Large and 2X  to cover you up regardless of your size and features the RC Car Action logo emblazoned on the chest will have you looking good and keep you from being the laughing stock at the track. For under $40 bucks, you can’t beat that style; covering up your bad gifts is just a bonus. Seriously, who wears a bear shirt to the track?!

Get yours at the AirAgeStore.com Black Friday Sale and never sweat a bad gift again!

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  1. Gene says:

    I want one 2x please

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