Thunder Tiger Naulantia Yachts

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At over five and a half feet tall, the Naulantia cuts an impressive figure on the water and its quality construction lives up to its looks. The ABS blow-molded hull is lightweight and rigid, just like the extruded aluminum booms and mast. And the Naulantia is available in three attractive hull colors with deck accessories that add scale realism to every voyage.

  • Pre-painted, factory-assembled ABS hull
  • Low drag hydrodynamic steel ballast
  • Rigid extruded aluminum booms and mast
  • Scale-like deck detail
  • Display stand included


Length: 39.4 in (1000 mm)
Beam: 6.75 in (160 mm)
Overall Height: 67 in (1580 mm)
Sail Area: 618.5 in² (39.9 dm²)
Total Weight: 7.7 lb (3.5 kg)

The Naulantia yachts are available now.

TTRB5547 Naulantia 1-Meter Racing Yacht – Red $199.99
TTRB5548 Naulantia 1-Meter Racing Yacht – Blue $199.99
TTRB5549 Naulantia 1-Meter Racing Yacht – Yellow $199.99

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