Mammuth Works 1/3 Rewarron Short Course Truck

Aug 22, 2012 4 Comments by

Go big or go home with the world’s 1st production 1/3 RC short course truck. Check out all the details below:

It’s a pure beast, powered by a 110cc 4 stroke engine with 6.5 HP and 7 Nm torque and about 70km/h top speed. Running weight more than 100 kg with the size: 1850mm x 900mm x 750mm! It’s almost 2 meters long!

On-board touch screen controller to adjust the brake balance, real ABS, traction control sensitivity and there is more! Full two-sided telemetry with RPM’s, temperatures, G-forces, etc.


Car type: Trophy Truck
Scale: 1:3
Dimensions: 1850mm x 900mm x 750mm
Weight: 110 kg
Engine type: 1 cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled
Power: 6.5HP
Torque: 7Nm
Suspension: custom double oil filled shocks
Control: heavy duty Mammuth Servos
On-board system: touch screen controller with the following features:

  • Adjustable brake balance
  • Adjustable adaptive steering
  • ABS (adjustable sensitivity)
  • Traction control (adjustable sensitivity)

Telemetry system: real-time two sided telemetry system powered by Mesh Data Systems

  • RPM’s (wheels, engine)
  • Temperatures (engine, environment, brakes)
  • Oil pressure (brakes)
  • Voltage monitor
  • Fuel level
  • G-forces, Compass, GPS position

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4 Responses to “Mammuth Works 1/3 Rewarron Short Course Truck”

  1. Dustyn says:

    When will the video drop? How much are they?

    • Attila Kiss says:

      Hi Dustyn!

      We’re working on it, but please note this the prototype car, we’ve a lot to do before the first tests. We will post them as soon as possible (in a few weeks).

      For pricing and ordering information please write to us: preorder at

  2. tarr phai says:

    Dream come for RC enthusiast~
    Amaze by the gigantic size, hell of a dream!!!

  3. bo willems says:

    what a cool projeckt

    honda 4 stroke rules !!!

    the suspension looks great

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