Are You Club Racing Again?

Apr 18, 2012 4 Comments by

We had an incredible turnout last night at my local club race track, Hot Rod Hobbies here in Southern California, that made me pause and think….is club racing back for the summer?
In recent months, club racing seems to have tapered off a bit.  Maybe it’s a seasonal thing.  Maybe it was the holidays or the new year.  Most likely, our lower than average turnouts were a result of all of those things.  Still, it was fun to see twelve complete heats of races rather than the paltry 6 or so we’ve had in recent months.
As the Midwest and East coast begin to thaw out from winter, I’m expecting club racing to make a roaring comeback.  It’s interesting to watch.  When gas prices go up, travel to big races seems to go down…and club racing turnouts improve.  Is that the case for you?  It certainly is for me.  And with the renewed energy my fellow club racers displayed last night (I had to fight tooth and nail for a second place finish with one of my favorite local rivals), it seems that the summer racing season is finally here.  I’m ready for it.  Are you?

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Executive Editor I jumped into R/C back in 1987, when mechanical speed controllers and hard rubber tires were all the rage. Since then, I’ve experienced R/C in almost every state in the USA. I've built and raced every type of RC vehicle created, and traveled throughout the country (and world) to attend and cover more R/C events than I can remember. But what a fun ride it's been! I'm fortunate to live in Southern California, and I take advantage of my location by enjoying R/C outdoors year ‘round. Club racing is the future for R/C growth, and I’m always looking to bring new people into the hobby, whether it’s through backyard bashing or organized racing.

4 Responses to “Are You Club Racing Again?”

  1. kdeselms says:

    I’m moving back out to the area (Canyon Country) and I’m about ready to dust the truck off and get back out on the track…it’s been quite a long layoff, life got busy over the last year or so. See you out there, Stephen!

  2. jason collins says:

    iI know for sure up here in washington state offroad racing in my area is very seasonal and we are just starting to get out and race. i hop[e for a good turn out this year and a long season at theat.

  3. James Mikoliczyk says:

    Club racing again?,

    I think most racers always have been, it just doesn’t always show in the entry counts. Many reasons for that as were already pointed out.

    I’m a little bit excited to get back out doors for some summer club racing. I think that many are as well. I think that with the higher gas prices, the traveling racer will probably not travel as often, but I can also keep some of the regular club racers from coming out as well. Kind of a double edged sword. Time will tell fi the average club race turnouts are higher this year or not. I for sure hope that club racing turnouts are up accross the board this year.

    While going to the big events is fun, the local club races are usually a lot more laid back (though there are execptions) and for the most part are where many of us racers go to hang out with our fellow racers for some good times both on and off the track. Something that being at a big event can be very hard to do, though there are execptions there too. To me club racing is one of the main things that keeps RC racing alive and well for the industry.

  4. LaDon says:

    Hello I live in longbeach,ca. Looking for some where to race/ bash.

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