AKA 2WD Buggy Front Red Inserts And Losi TEN-SCTE Cyclone SC Wheels

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AKA now offers their popular red closed cell inserts for 1/10 2WD buggy front tires, plus they have released Cyclone wheels for the Losi TEN-SCTE. Check out the press release below for more info:

AKA is the pioneer in closed cell inserts. This insert was designed to decrease the lateral deflection of the tire while at the same time increasing the vertical impact absorption therefore providing better handling in the bumps. Using softer foam or hollowing out the inner circumference like other companies do still leaves the car feeling squirmy with a less accurate feeling through the bumps. Not to mention the loss of durability. Gil Losi and Mark Pavidis knew this compromise was not the solution. The solution they found was the addition of lateral grooves to the inner diameter. The lateral grooves allow the insert to flex vertically to absorb the large impacts while still maintaining lateral stability and overall durability AKA inserts are known for. No compromises. The result is a more predictable handling car without giving up durability.


Part # – 33014
Available – Now!
Retail – $8.99
Included – 2 Inserts

AKA Cyclone SC wheels are designed to fit the Losi TEN SCTE 4×4. All wheels are made from the same proprietary nylon blend as the the 1:8 AKA wheels. The wheel design is modeled after the full-size wheels used on the trucks to keep that scale look that makes the SC class so cool. Behind the scenes the wheel is all about being light weight and strong. Each spoke of the wheel is hollowed out to save weight, while there are outer ribs to help support the barrel of the wheel for more consistent handling. The wheel is designed to work with our standard buggy inserts which are included with each pair of AKA SC tires.


Part # – 23006
Available – Now!
Retail – $9.49
Included – 2 Wheels

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