HPI Apache SC & C1 Flux

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Scale vehicles are back and they’re all the rage, with short course trucks and buggies taking center stage on the RC playground. But let’s face it, we’re all performance junkies at heart, whether you’re a basher or a racer. A durable, fun, high-performance chassis is appreciated in the backyard as much as it is on the track. What if you could have the best of both worlds? HPI wants to answer this question with its Apache C1 and SC Flux vehicles. Designed as one chassis with two distinct body styles—the SC short course truck and the C1 “class 1” desert racer buggy—HPI makes it ok to want your cake and eat it too.

All The Time
Do people actually drive the same car on asphalt, grass and dirt anymore? Unless you’re a dedicated club racer, the answer is yes! The Apache C1 is designed to rally its way across any surface you can throw at it. The all-terrain tires provide a great balance between on-road grip without melting into pools of rubber and off-road traction without too much slip. HPI designer Torrance DeGuzman points out, however, that the Apache is a true multi-surface machine—bash it or race it, the Apache can handle it.

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