The Ultimate Truck Championship

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This upcoming Sunday (October 16th, 2011) Kevin Hetmanski and Matt Higgins will be hosting the Ultimate Truck Championships in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Kevin will be driving a Tamiya Toyota Tundra, and Matt will be driving a Axial SCX10. We have a video of the guys talking about their vehicles and some details on this weekend’s event.  After watching the video, what are your early predictions? Let us know who you think will have a better finish on Sunday.

Photos of both vehicles on Facebook – Click Here For Photos




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7 Responses to “The Ultimate Truck Championship”

  1. Jason DuPuis says:


  2. Rolando says:

    Love this challenge. It seems like competitive bashing. I love the bad ass Monster Tundra with 3 speed tranny, and 2 wheel steering.

  3. savage-garage says:

    i think matts truck is gonna win because its built way better and he got more steering and more axle travel.
    sorry for my english :(

  4. Anthony says:

    take the shell off pleeeease

  5. Timbulb says:

    Two perfect examples of “You can’t buy wins”

    You can’t just throw a successful truck together out of new parts. Real tough trucks are built up over time and trials.

    Good luck though and I am picking the Higgins truck as well.

    • Matthew Higgins says:

      Thanks for the pick to win, Tim. You have to start somewhere and this is where we’re starting with these two trucks. This isn’t my first rodeo, as they say, so I knew what I wanted to start with and we both know we’ll be making changes and improvements

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