RPM Rear Bumper Mount For The HPI Baja 5SC

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If you like to run a rear-mounted exhaust pipe on your HPI Baja 5SC you have probably found out that the stock rear bumper mount doesn’t allow for it. Well RPM has you covered with their new rear bumper mount. Check out the details below:

RPM Rear Bumper Mounts use our very popular 5B / 5T rear skid plate, coupled with an all new bumper mounting system that perfectly mates with stock components while keeping the rear bumper in the stock location. However, with an RPM bumper mounting system installed, you’ll have a large enough gap behind the rear bulkhead to run those rear-mounted pipes you’ve been wanting.

The RPM Rear Bumper Mount for the HPI Baja 5SC is a five-piece design that eliminates the two stock components that would normally interfere with a rear-mounted exhaust pipe. Our bumper mount is designed for strength, durability and exhaust pipe protection and as an added bonus, weighs in more than 5 grams lighter than the stock components they replace!

RPM Rear Bumper Mounts are molded in black in our trademark blend of extremely tough nylons and are backed by our world-renowned limited lifetime breakage warranty.

#82312 Rear Bumper Mount for the HPI Baja 5SC
Suggested Retail Price – $27.95

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