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I have been painting a lot lately and have recently started to detail a Tamiya Blackfoot III body. While doing this I was reminded of a tip that you guys can use and one that I don’t always follow. Any time you get a new roll of tape be careful of where you place the tape. The edges are sticky and can pick up a lot of debris and ruin the edge and that will keep you from getting a nice clean edge. If you have tape like my Parma FasTape that has a dirty edge, you can lay the tape on a cutting mat or similar surface that’s clean and use a straight edge and a sharp hobby knife to cut the very edge of the tape off before use. That will ensure that you get a nice crisp clean edge. This tip works on anything you’re painting including injection molded bodies and Lexan bodies.

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  1. konaman says:

    “roll of paint” –> “roll of tape”

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