Helion RC RTR 1/18 Animus 18SC

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The Helion Animus 18SC is the next generation of 1/18th scale performance with an unprecedented set of features and value. This project came to life as a cooperative effort between some of the greatest minds in the RC industry and you, our customers. The premise behind the project set to offer you something different, something revolutionary…value AND performance. Helion R/C design engineers optimized the Animus platform for the latest generation of bashers and enthusiasts. The use of gear differentials and a robust shaft based, ball bearing supported, gear drivetrain reduces maintenance requirements, improves efficiency and performance without compromising value. With the advent and inclusion of crystal-less 2.4 GHz radio technology in the Animus, R/C bashers and enthusiasts can now enjoy using their cars alongside one another instead of worrying about changing or having to buy extra crystals. With a 4,200rpm brushed motor and high performance 1,100 mAh NiMH battery included, the Animus is equipped to not disappoint with speeds topping 20mph! Enjoying the Helion RC product line is also now easier than ever as it and you are fully supported and backed by HobbyTown USA®! With over 250 locations nationwide you’ll never be out of touch with the latest innovations headed your way from Helion RC!

Features of the Helion Animus 4wd 1/18 Scale Platform:

  • Ring and pinion type four wheel drive drivetrain
  • Four wheel independent suspension
  • Planetary gear differentials
  • Ball bearing supported central shaft drivetrain
  • Adjustable, oil filled, coil-over shock absorbers with bladders
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Dual bellcrank steering
  • Molded drive shafts and cups
  • Broached ball stud pivot joints
  • Molded camber and steering links
  • Dual position battery strap
  • Hex drive wheels

Features of the Helion Animus 18SC RTR:

  • Short course style stepped bead wheels and tires
  • Short course style front and rear bumpers
  • Short course style body with light bars
  • 2.4 GHz 2-Channel radio system
  • Integrated ESC, Servo and Receiver
  • 370 Size 4,200 rpm brushed motor with 11T pinion gear
  • 1,100 mAh 7.2v NiMH rechargeable battery pack
  • Servo saver

Scale: 1/18th
Recommended usage environment: Off-road, dry conditions
Drivetrain: 4WD, 4×4
Motor or Engine: 370 size brushed, 4,200rpm
Length: 275mm (10.8in)
Width: 177mm (7in)
Width: (without body) 169mm (6.7in)
Height 100mm (3.9in)
Wheelbase: 159mm (6.3in)
Weight: 540g (1.2lb)
Chassis: Molded composite
Suspension: Four wheel independent
Internal Gear Ratio: 8.8:1
Wheel Diameter: 30.4mm (1.2in) x 41.8mm (1.6in)
Tire F/R: 59.7mm (2.4in) All-Terrain
Speed Control: Brushed, 7.2v NiMh Only
Radio: 2.4Ghz 2-Channel
Servos: Analog, integrated with ESC and Receiver
Battery: 1,100 mAh 7.2v NiMH
Charger: AC wall type trickle
Speed: 20+mph
Gear: Pitch
Shock type: Oil filled with bladders and adjustment clips
Body: Short course style with light bars
Ball bearings: 7 bearings included, bushings in wheels
Fuel tank capacity: n/a
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14yr+
Experience Level: Beginner/Novice

Needed to complete:

  • 8 AA batteries for use in transmitter

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6 Responses to “Helion RC RTR 1/18 Animus 18SC”

  1. PsychoX says:

    I just saw this at my local hobby shop. It looks like it would be pretty fun to drive. I will be getting one as soon as I am able too. This will be my first new RC car in 10 years.

  2. BILL says:

    THIS ISSUE !!!

  3. Craig says:

    I work in a Hobbytown, and we received 24 of these. We are down to 12 as of today (7/10) and have only had a problem with one. It is a low end entrance vehical for a youngster to get into the joys of RC. With the cost of other trucks, cars, truggys, etc, this is a great way to see if somebody is interested in going further or “not their thing”.

  4. conrad says:

    i bought this “ultimate car ” that is supposed to be high performance, and helion says they thought of everything?!!!! i call bull!! i was driving my car in my tennis court and jumped it about 1/2 foot off the ground and the stupid servo craped out on me, what the heck helion!!! i say your money is better spent on another car that is truley better than this piece of crap.

  5. mike says:

    i bout one when they first came out and i love the thing iv raced it alot on pavment and jumped it feet at a time about 4 time a week iv played whit it the only thing iv had to replace is the axles 2 time and a few bolts but other then that its ben good for me

  6. Jellydonut says:

    I have 4 of them and they are great. Only had a few loose screws and a leaky shock. Put some heavier oil in and they are awesome. Parts are reasonable and hobbytown seams to have all the parts. One big thing is it does get hot,so open up the windows for air flow and add a heat sink.

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