Contact RC 1/10 Foam Tires Mounted on Black Carbon Wheels

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New from Contact RC:

We are pleased to announce a new wheel type for Contact RC competition foam tyres.

The New black carbon rim is made to have increased stiffness for high speed circuits.

On fast tracks with high speed corners the new rim allows more precise handling, especially in long corners and fast change of direction chicanes.

The material used within the wheel will provide constant stiffness even in very hot conditions.

The Contact RC team have been testing these rims for some time and have been very impressed by the performance and reduction in lap times!!!

In only a short while the Contact RC tyres brand has seen some excellent results, already they are European 1/8th Champions, 3rd at the IFMAR World Championships, 1st at the US Gas Nationals, and a BRCA National win.

Contact RC tyres are manufactured to the highest standards using some of the most modern production methods available.

J13573 – Foam 1/10 Front 26mm 35Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £7.99
J13773 – Foam 1/10 Front 26mm 37Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £7.99
J14073 – Foam 1/10 Front 26mm 40Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £7.99
J14273 – Foam 1/10 Front 26mm 42Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £7.99
J14573 – Foam 1/10 Front 26mm 45Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £7.99
J13574 – Foam 1/10 Rear 30mm 35Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £6.49
J13774 – Foam 1/10 Rear 30mm 37Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £6.49
J14074 – Foam 1/10 Rear 30mm 40Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £6.49
J14274 – Foam 1/10 Rear 30mm 42Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £6.49
J14574 – Foam 1/10 Rear 30mm 45Sh *** CARBON RIMS – £6.49

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