Tamiya 1/16 R/C German Jagdpanther Full-Option Kit

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56024 1/16 R/C German Jagdpanther Full-Option Kit

Availability: Jan 08

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The 1/16 R/C Panther Type G Full-Option Kit released earlier this year was met with overwhelming

enthusiasm, so Tamiya has moved forward with plans to add the tank destroyer version, the

Jagdpanther, as the next new addition to our industry-leading 1/16 R/C tank lineup. Send it into

your own mock battlefield against the previously released U.S. Sherman and Pershing tanks.

About the Model

- 1/16 R/C German Jagdpanther assembly kit.

- Low-profile, sloped hull of the tank destroyer accurately reproduced.

- Durable torsion bar suspension with pre-assembled link tracks enable the tank to travel across

rough terrain.

- Dual gearboxes can operate together or individually for realistic tank movement.

- 88mm main gun barrel can be rotated left and right as well as elevated and depressed.

- Included DMD Control Unit (T-03) and DMD Multi-Function Unit (MF-01) for exciting light and

sound action.

- Onboard speaker unit reproduces engine running and starting sounds recorded from an actual

Maybach HL230-P30 engine.

- Main gun and machine gun firing sounds accompanied by LED muzzle flashes.

- Main gun firing accompanied by realistic recoil action.

- Install ITEM 53447 1/16 R/C Tank LED Battle System (sold separately) for 1-on-1 or team

battles against other similarly equipped Tamiya R/C tanks.

- 4-channel R/C system, 7.2V running battery & charger separately required.

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