Exotec Mini-LST single-servo conversion chassis

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Time to say good bye to those fragile stock servos and the budget steering system.

Exotek tackles the MLST and redesigns key components to allow you to go where you were scared to go before with the stock steering system- OFF ROAD!!

Re-engineered 6061 BILLET front servo mount bulkhead that incorporates the use of low profile 1/10th scale race servos like the FUTABA 9550 or the KO Propo PDS-2413 OR any 1/10 scale servo with atleast 80oz of torque. With these servos you can now use Kimbrough servo savers or simply use Kimbrough servo arms (sold separately). Now you will have the utmost in control and durability that you would expect from a 1/10 scale servo system.

Double bellcrank bearing supported 6061 BILLET steering blocks with heavy duty swivel links and ball cups mounted on a USA made 2.5MM carbon graphite sub deck.

Redesigned USA made 2MM quasi weave top deck incorporates open venting under the motors and a first- specially designed center gear box mounting that allows you to remove the center gearbox from the chassis without having to remove your front or rear gearbox- a huge time saver!

Seek and destroy with the Exotek LXT.

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