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Bill Oxidean Sets Another World Record

Bill Oxidean Sets Another World Record

Novak and Atomik RC factory pilot Bill Oxidean sets yet another world record at the Lake X Time Trials October 19th in Portersville, PA. In the N-Super Stock Tunnel class the previous speed record was 37mph and Oxidean blasted it to up to 46mph thanks to Venom’s 4500 50c saddle packs, Novak’s Pulse ESC, and an Atomik prototype boat.

On day one of the event the water conditions prevented any record passes from occurring. On day two a storm blew in. Finally, on the morning of day 3 the water gave him 20 minutes of record setting water, and Oxidean got the job done increasing the previous record by 9mph!

Bill said, “The water conditions were rough and I only had a 20 minute window to make it happen. So I’m glad I could count on my sponsors to put me at warp speed when the going gets tough.”

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Updated: October 24, 2012 — 8:41 AM
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