Pit Envy – 8 Cool Tools To Make Your Racing Buddies Jealous

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Every racer’s toolbox is brimming with the basic tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers.  These are al necessary for rebuilds and repairs, but there are tools beyond the basic necessities that can make life easier on race day.  Here’s a collection of tools that will save some time and improve your racing routine.  This article is from this July’s issue of RC Car Action, page 66.  For more articles like this, check out the latest issues of RC Car Action on newsstands today.

Husky 1.5 Gallery Portable Air Compressor: $149.99

It is no coincidence that the fastest cars at the track are usually the cleanest, and using compressed air is a great way to keep your ride dirt free.  Some tracks have an air supply on hand, but why wait in line to clean your car when you can have compressed air in your pit?  The Husky portable air compressor is an easy way to have compressed air on hand at all times.  It has a 1.5 gallon tank which is prefect for cleaning between runs, and it has a low noise pump so that recharging the tank is not too annoying to you or your competitors.  It weighs in at 32 pounds which is very light for an air compressor and the shroud has a handle molded in it to make it easy to carry.

- Available At HomeDepot.com


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