2015 Pro-Line Surf City Classic: Things Are Under Way

We are at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach, California for the 2015 Pro-Line Surf City Classic and qualifying has started for this two-day event. Known for setting the standards for indoor clay tracks, the event is already showing great traction with “ghost pins” being used by all involved. That’s making everyone happy and contributing to [...]

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Fifth Annual Futaba Electric Challenge, August 28-30, 2015

Futaba has just sent us info upbout their Eloectric Challenge coming up on August 28-30, 2015. Now in the fifth year in a row, the event will be held at the Leisure Hours Raceway in Joilet, Illinois. There is still time to register, and racers have the benefit of being able to compete in two [...]

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JConcepts Introduces Finisher Body For The Mugen MBX7-T

JConcept’s popular Finisher truggy body is now available for the Mugen MBX7-T and has many race winning features that will help get your truck to the front of the pack. Features include a cab forward design, a wide hood scoop and extended chin spoiler. Scroll down for more information on JConcept’s latest shell. From JConcepts: [...]

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2015 Tamiya Championship Series: Tickets to Japan

Racers love to compete and it’s usually just for bowling trophies or bragging rights among pears, but the Tamiya Championship Series Finals takes things up a big notch by awarding winners in specified classes a trip to Japan for the Tamiya World Championships in November. Held at the Tamiya America racing facility in Aliso Viejo, [...]

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Instant Under-Hood Detail – FireBrand RC Engine 1 DynaTron 20 Engine Insert

If there’s one thing RC Cars don’t do well, it’s look good with the hood up–all you get is a look at the steering servo and maybe some bellcranks, unless you get crafty with some kind of scale engine build. Or, you could just get this sweet engine insert. Paint it up the way you [...]

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Associated’s Classic RC10 Gets a Spot in the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian is home to many incredible milestone machines: the Bell X-1, the Apollo lander, the Spirit of St. Louis…and now, an Associated RC10! The original gold-tub buggy that set the world on fire back in 1984 is on display as part of the museum’s new Spark!Lab interactive display that invites visitors to “create, collaborate, explore, [...]

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Slash 4X4 Nails On-Water Hydroplane Jump [VIDEO]

We’ve seen hydroplane videos before, but not like this. Traxxas blasts onto the water with a Slash 4X4, hits a floating ramp, lands on a floating pad, then gets back into the water! And just when you think that maybe it’s faked in the editing, there’s a one-take shot to prove it’s legit. Pretty sweet–now [...]

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Mike MacKenzie’s Awesome Metal Mulisha Replica [Reader’s Ride]

This sweet monster truck was sent to us by Mike MacKenzie from Westboro, MA. He said that it started life as an HPI Wheely King and with many modifications it has been turned into the Monster Jam World Finals champ Metal Mulisha. The body was painted by Terry Plum of The Monster Factory and looks [...]

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