Kev’s Bench: 5 Trucks That Will Inspire You

When I’m done working on RC stuff for my job during the day, I like to spend my quiet evenings scrolling through RC groups on various social media sites on my phone. I am always looking for the latest trends and trying to come up with cool project to build for the readers of Radio [...]

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Custom SWB Vaterra Twin Hammers by Ronald Martin [Reader's Ride]

Ronald Martin’s bug-bodied Twin Hammers is a perfect reminder of how modest beginnings can lead to great results. He tells us that this project all started with a donated spare parts chassis he inherited from a friend. He dug into his own stash of leftover parts to put the basic foundation together. He had some [...]

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This Custom Creation’s Articulated Driver Will Blow You Away

This build takes the “driver turns his head with steering” trick to the whole ‘nother level, adding arm movement to steer the wheel and throttle-pumping leg action—plus a blower with operating butterflies synced to the throttle, complete with engine sound! The builder is Danny Hunh, who hails from Australia–you can see more of his work [...]

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Reedy Outdoor Champs Restores ‘Real Dirt’ to Off-Road—Should This Be The Standard?

The just-announced Reedy Outdoor Off-Road Race of Champions (November 20-22, Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, CA) promises “a watered track surface [that] brings back major off-road racing as it began with roost and pin tires.” This is a reaction to the current state of electric off-road racing, which is ruled by high bite tracks with [...]

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Losi Announces All-New 1/6 Scale Audi R8 GT3 Supercar

No one saw this thing coming! Losi’s super-sized take on street-shredding RC looks like a real powerhouse. The car is built on an all-new chassis dubbed the “6IX,” and will arrive RTR. The car’s sensorless 1200Kv motor is fueled by dual batteries (not included) and a 6S-rated speed control that delivers over 60mph, says Losi. [...]

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FireBrand RC Stoke-D On-Road Body [New Gear]

Expect to see lots of new loot from FireBrand RC, starting with the Range Rover Evoque-inspired “Stoke-D” shell. It’s shown here on FireBrand’s O.G.-D wheels and drift s slicks. The O.G.-Ds only comes with black tires as this post goes up, but FireBrand says the orange-tire versions are coming soon–good thing, ‘cuz they look rad. [...]

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Maxxed out Traxxas T-Maxx by Rob DeLeon [Reader's Ride]

This Traxxas T-Maxx started life like any other, but Rob DeLeon (of Bakersfield, CA) soon lost control of his investment. Nearly $3,000 later he has the truck you see before you: the Supermaxx—which he has now owned for 15 years and he has been upgrading it fairly continuously all along. It has an Unlimited Engineering [...]

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These Are Some of the “Coolest RC Cars Ever” Says Google

So, what exactly do you get if you do a Google image search for “coolest RC car ever”? Here’s a sampling: Tricked out and custom blue-anodized Kyosho Optima? Definitely cool.   Rocket car, hello speed! Goodbye eyebrows. No info on this one.   Oooh, very nice vintage Dynamic nitro action with faux velocity stacks as [...]

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