I’m building a Durango DNX8!

The outdoor off-road season is here and I am currently building a new Durango DNX8 to get some track time with. This is the latest and greatest nitro 1/8-scae buggy from Durango and I can’t wait to dig into the build. Let’s take a look at what I have going on for the local off-road [...]

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What’s Cooler Than a Jet Engine in a Boat? TWO Jet Engines [VIDEO]

I am a fan of RC boats– the bigger the better. Gas power is cool, electric power is impressive, but a boat with two turbine engines is just mind blowing. Yep, those are two mini turbine engines that you would normally see in a large scale RC jet and this guy shoved them into a [...]

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Xpert Announces New Low-Profile Servos

When you are ready to make your vehicle perform at its best, upgrading your servo to something purpose built can make a big difference in how it handles. Xpert RC is known for their high quality servos and has announced two new low profile servos, the PI-3402 & PM-3402. These servos have been given the [...]

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Ghost Car: Associated B5M In Rapid Prototype Form

Team Associated posted these pics of a pre-production RC10B5M on their  Facebook page. The translucent parts are “RP” parts, shorthand for rapid prototyping. It looks like the parts shown here were created with a stereolithographic process and photopolymer rather than a filament machine as most commonly associated with 3D printing, but that’s just a guess. [...]

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1/5 Scale Dirt Oval Racing? Sign Us Up!

If this doesn’t press your “I want to do that” button, then RC just isn’t for you. It’ll take one helluva plane ticket (the track is in New Zealand), but we definitely want to hit this oval for some gas-powered go-left action. Who can resist big ol’ weed-eater-powered Sprinters slinging good old-fashioned dirt?

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Axial Wraith Spawn Now Available In Kit Form

I always love it when Axial introduces a kit version of a vehicle that was only available in RTR form before. I enjoy building and with these kits you get parts that were option parts for the RTR version and a vehicle that is slightly better performance wise and a little more durable. The latest [...]

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RPM Announces Shock Hoops & Body Mounts for Axial SCX10

RPM is venturing further into the trail and crawler scene, which is good news since many machines could use the durability of RPM’s indestructible parts. These new shock hoops for the SCX10 are not just a stock replacement deal, instead they offer several mounting positions for the shocks to change shock angle and raise and [...]

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100mph Slot Cars Will Melt Your Brain

An RC car traveling 100mph is pretty impressive, but 100mph on a slot-car track is downright insane. High-downforce “wing cars” can top 110mph, as (barely) seen here competing at the European Championship in Helsinki, Finland from a few years back. So, you could say these cars are fast to the Finnish line. Fast-forward to 0:55 [...]

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