XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy

XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy

From XRAY:
2024 All-new Features:

  • All-new front & rear semi-split bulkhead with quick differential access without disassembling suspension
  • Reinforced V2 bulkheads feature Labyrinth Dust Covers to avoid debris inside the bulkhead assemblies
  • New front & rear diff height adjustment through eccentric bushings
  • Improved central drivetrain angle and height adjustment
  • Redesigned chassis for semi-split bulkheads
  • Redesigned front & rear aluminum shock tower match the new semi-split bulkheads
  • Reinforced M3/M4 steel shock screws for increased reliability
  • Updated alu steering plate and servo saver
  • Front & rear lower suspension holders with new mounting positions
  • Redesigned wing holder fits the new semi-split rear bulkhead
  • Wickerbill rear wing allows quick downforce adjustments and pre-marked airflow holes to reduce downforce
  • New lower front bumper reduces weight and matches the new semi-split bulkhead
  • Improved lower shock absorber ball joints for more secure fitment of the lower spring retainer
  • Mounts for both truck and bruggy style bodies included

Diff Bulkheads.

All-new front & rear bulkheads feature a semi-split design for easy diff access while adding the valuable new diff height adjustment. The new bulkhead also aligns the front central driveshaft with a reduced operating angle for less friction and reduced wear on the CV joint components and improved driveline efficiency.

Redesigned Bulkhead V2.

Reinforced front and rear bulkheads were updated for added strength to ensure higher reliability and to improve the seal between the main bulkhead and cover plate. The revised bearing inserts also feature improved dust resistance and prevent debris from entering the bulkhead assemblies while offering the valuable differential height adjustment.

Diff Height Adjustment.

The new diff height adjustment of the semi-split bulkheads uses eccentric bushings to set the diff position. The diff height has 3 different settings. The diff height adjustment is a vital tuning option that allows quick set-up adaption for all different track conditions.

The ideal position will vary depending on the track conditions and ride height.

Central Drive Train.

The new design of the semi-split bulkhead allows to adjust the angle of the CV joint depending on the track conditions, traction of the track and ride height used.


The chassis is updated to work with the all-new semi-split bulkheads and suspension holders.

Shock Towers.

All-new front & rear shock towers provide the necessary clearance for the semi-split bulkheads, and the front shock tower features reinforced M4 shock screws for increased reliability.

Easy Diff Access.

The semi-split bulkhead and compact front bumper designs allow direct access to the differential while the entire suspension assembly remains mounted on the car.

  • Allows now direct access to the diff
  • More compact shape
  • Lighter design

Steering System.

The steering system includes a new Ackermann plate and graphite servo saver component shape to work with the new semi-split bulkhead.

Suspension Holders.

All-new front & rear suspension holders for semi-split bulkheads are redesigned for an expanded range of set-up adjustments.

Wickerbill Wing.

All-new wickerbill rear wing features more downforce that helps increase traction when needed. 12 pre-marked airflow hole positions can be opened to reduce downforce to fine tune handling characteristics as needed. The wickerbill plate is mounted via 5 screws for easy changes.

Made from a strong special composite mixture, the wing was designed to survive severe abusive and extreme crashes while keeping its shape.


The new lower shock ball joints feature a lock extension that fits into the lower collar to reduce the chances for the retainer to separate from the spring in a crash.

Rear Wing Holder.

Updated rear wing holder fits the new semi-split bullhead. The rear wing holder has a super-slim, 1-piece design that has reduced weight and increased strength. The wing holder has maximum stability while still allowing flex during impacts.

Body Mounts.

XT8E comes features body mounts that allow to use both Truggy and Bruggy body.
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RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | XRAY XT8E ’24 1/8 4WD Off-Road Electric Truggy

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