XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2WD Buggy

XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2WD Buggy

XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy

From XRAY:

All-new 2019:

  • All-new multi-function rear upright helps to generate more traction & increase stability
  • All-new longer rear driveshafts with 2.5mm pins for smoother operation
  • All-new rear wheel axle with safety collar, featuring XRAY’s unique multi-position driveshaft adjustment to vary driveshaft length
  • All-new longer rear camber link to accommodate all roll center alternatives
  • All-new SLP (Super Low Profile) front & rear shock towers for increased cornering speed
  • All-new SLP (Super Low Profile) front body shocks & shock shafts
  • All-new SLP (Super Low Profile) front & rear shock springs for improved ride height setting
  • All-new spur gear cover protects the body shell from the spur gear
  • All-new body gives increased speed & improved handling
  • Hard suspension blocks with 1-slot steering block extensions for improved steering characteristics
  • New rear wheels with deeper recesses for the wheel nuts
  • New greased ball-bearings for front steering blocks and rear uprights increase lifespan in dusty conditions

Multi-Adjustable Rear Suspension

All-new redesigned adjustable rear suspension features the new rear upright, unique multi-length adjustable CVD drive shafts, and longer camber link. This new system creates a huge variety of roll center adjustments for different track conditions. Changing roll center has never been quicker or easier.

Rear Uprights

All-new rear uprights feature multiple set-up options for upper & lower roll centers. The upper roll center is adjusted at the camber linkage via shims (up/down & in/out), while the lower roll center is adjustable via eccentric inserts for 9 different positions (up/down & in/out).

The multi-function uprights have the upper roll center position in the middle of axis of the connecting joint of the drive shaft to help generate more traction and increase stability.

There are three different uprights available: hard (included), graphite (optional), and aluminum (optional), each suitable for particular track conditions.

Drive Shafts

To accommodate the new, fully-adjustable rear upright configuration, the all-new drive shafts are longer. Featuring XRAY’s own unique multi-length drive shaft adjustment there are 4 different length-adjustable positions to alter the length of the drive shaft depending on the roll center position. The all-new safety collar eliminates the clearance of the drive shaft and prevents the drive pin from getting loose.

XB2 constant velocity drives (CVDs) are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™ and feature 2.5mm drive pins for maximum drivetrain efficiency. The drive shafts are some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in electric off-road cars. Hardened with a proprietary hardening process, the drive shafts provide unbeatable lifespan and reliability.

Rear Drive Axles

Unique drive shaft length adjustment uses 4 different connecting hole positions at the drive axle end to allow changes to overall driveshaft length. Another great XRAY innovation that accommodates different roll center positions without needing to use drive shafts of differing lengths.

Camber Link

With the all-new multiple roll center adjustment possibilities, the rear camber link is longer to accommodate all the different roll center position alternatives.

Steering Blocks

The XB2 now includes the popular hard suspension blocks and 1-slot steering block extensions to improve steering characteristics.

The tiny-yet-tough steering blocks are comprised of composite steering blocks and graphite extensions for variable Ackermann positions.

There are three different steering blocks available – medium (optional), hard (included), and graphite (optional), each suitable for particular track conditions.

Shock towers

The SLP (Super Low Profile) shock towers reduce front roll to allow running the car without front anti-roll bar and allowing the use of more droop for better landings. The lowered shock towers improve the handling of the XB2, especially in high-traction conditions.

CNC-machined shock towers are made from 4.0mm thick premium-grade graphite material for incredible strength and long lifespan. Includes multiple shock positions.


All-new SLP (Super Low Profile) shock absorbers offer superior performance, especially for high-traction conditions where together with the SLP shock towers there is a reduced roll of the car, thus allowing the use of more droop for better landings. Both front shock bodies and shock rods were lowered.

The shocks are membrane-free while still allowing for easy, consistent building and rebound setting using a bleed-screw shock cap design.

Downstop is adjusted using composite shims under the pistons. Upstop travel is adjusted using composite shims under the shock collar.

The aluminum body, lower nut, and bleeder shock caps are all machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum.

Shock rods are machined from special steel material, precision hand-ground for maximum smooth operation, and additionally hardened for improved lifespan.

SLP Shock Springs

To accommodate the all-new SLP shock absorbers, a new series of SLP shock springs was created. While the new springs were designed specifically for the SLP shocks all of the previously available shock springs will fit the new XB2, providing a large range of tuning options.

The XB2 springs, like all other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected, and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

Each spring is laser-engraved with stripes to clearly indicate its firmness.

Spur Gear Cover

All-new molded composite gear cover prevents contact of the spur gear with the body. Moulded from strong, lightweight material, the cover helps to protect the body shell and spur gear.


The included XB2 wheels feature a new, redesigned countersunk center area to allow the wheel nut to be sunk deeper.

The wheels are perfect for high-competition racing. The wheels are made from a very flexible material, while still being ultra-durable to withstand impacts. The side of the wheel is aerodynamic for maximum performance. The wheels were designed to provide maximum traction.

Internal reinforcement ribs make the wheels as stable as possible and eliminate deformation. The wheels feature a 12mm internal hex.


The XB2C includes all-new, completely redesigned, high-performance, low-profile Beta 2 body with super-smooth airflow and all-new downforce areas. The Beta 2 body helps the XB2 by increasing steering & stability while also improving handling in jumps.

The front part of the body has a new high-downforce area. The sides of the body have upper downforce areas to generate more mid-body downforce, and the straight sidewalls improve stability. The upper part of the body was redesigned with a smooth flow channel for stability.

Different XB2 bodies are available in different thicknesses for fine tuning the performance of the car.


The XB2C features greased ball-bearings for front steering blocks & rear uprights to increase lifespan in dusty conditions. The remaining bearings are degreased and oiled with AeroShell® Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life.

A full set of 22 high-speed ball-bearings are used throughout the drivetrain to ensure maximum efficiency.

Adjustable Gear Box Height

To increase performance in high-traction conditions, the XB2 can use super low ride height. To keep the drive shafts linear the gear box can be raised by 2mm using optional graphite plates. There are two different ride height adjustable plates which allows to raise either only the gear box or also the entire rear suspension.

XB2 Concept

The XB2 is typically XRAY–premium, professional, high competition R/C car for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the smallest details and backed by premium service & support…a luxury masterpiece.

USA Champion

At one of the world’s most competitive off-road race – the ROAR National Championship, it was XRAY’s Ty Tessmann who brought the first ROAR National Champion title to the XB2 platform. Tested and successfully run in the highest competition races now you can enjoy the winning platform.

Made in Europe

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German and Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY’s legendary attention to detail by our artistic production specialists. The XB2 is truly a masterpiece.


Designed in virtual reality using the world’s most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world’s best machining and molding machinery, the XB2 achieves a level of premium perfection in all details that is second to none.

Racing Team

Successful development of the XB2 – like all other XRAY platforms – would not have been possible without the involvement of the entire racing team working the entire year to test new ideas, prototypes, and improvements. The racing team travels to all major races around the world to provide XRAY drivers with first-class support & service so they can be assured that they always get 1st class treatment as part of the XRAY team.

Visit TeamXRAY.com
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XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy XRAY XB2C 2019 1/10 2wd Buggy

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