XRAY X8 Electric 1/8 Pan Car

XRAY X8 Electric 1/8 Pan Car

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From XRAY:


The X8 platform is an electric powered 4WD pan car with a solid rear axle and front one-way axle. It is a pure luxury racing chassis where every detail is carefully designed for the maximum performance possible on the track.


This project is realized on the basis of many years of experience within the 1/8 on-road category, and was designed by Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy himself.


The X8 is designed with the mindset of ease-of-use and simplified setup. But most importantly, being easy to drive. All of these requirements were fulfilled thanks to its concept, where all chassis components work in perfect symphony on the chassis.

The ultimate expression of racing passion. The art of performance. X8.


With XRAY’s uncompromising design philosophy bringing everything together to make the best, the X8 has the unique XRAY character, born of precision craftsmanship, highest attention to detail, and using only the finest quality materials.


To create the X8 only the finest & premium materials have been used including high grade Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, exclusive HUDY Spring Steel™, premium USA made carbon fiber materials, German made one-way bearings and XRAY’s self-developed & formulated composite compounds mixed from exclusive European composites.

Made in Europe

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German and Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY’s trademark attention to detail by our production specialists. The X8 is truly a masterpiece.

Main Features.

  • Unique sandwich chassis design provides longitudinal reinforcement of the lower chassis plate with the top mounted battery tray
  • Battery tray and lower chassis work together in a uniform flex system
  • Chassis designed for optimal rigidity and flexibility
  • Strategically placed chassis cutouts improve motor & battery cooling
  • Front graphite suspension plate is mounted to chassis via pivot balls
  • Front suspension allows for precise adjustments of the geometry via pivot balls
  • Front caster is quickly & easily adjustable over a wide range
  • Front suspension connects to battery tray for additional flex adjustments
  • An O-ring flex system in the front suspension allows for tuning of the car’s steering characteristics
  • Lightweight aluminium rear solid axle features a well-proven quick-release wheel system
  • Hard coated front axle features German made front one-way bearing
  • HUDY Spring Steel™ front CVD axles for a reliable and chatter-free driveline
  • Well-proven composite front steering blocks from the RX8 platform
  • Ackermann settings are quickly adjustable over a wide range using the different servo saver positions
  • Fully adjustable servo saver both in terms of spring tension and Ackermann positions
  • Graphite servo mount plate is independent from the main chassis for precise handling & control
  • Drivetrain features drilled out & lightened Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium hard-coated self-cleaning & long-lasting pulleys
  • Oversized pulley covers are designed to keep the belt in place at all times
  • Multiple flanged bearing system for belt tensioning allows for a smooth & reliable drivetrain
  • Superior pulleys & the belt tensioning system require less belt tension to allow for more chassis flex
  • Floating battery holder system on rear aluminum bulkheads ensure precise mounting which doesn’t impact chassis flex, and quick battery installation & removal
  • Compatible with both shorty- and standard size battery packs
  • Multiple electronic installation options for optimized weight balance depending on battery type
  • Well-proven and super durable RX8 front composite bumper with eccentric posts for different body shell positions
  • Rear graphite bumper protects rear end and chassis
  • High quality, lightly oiled bearings are included throughout


The X8 features a unique sandwich chassis design with a battery tray that is integrated from the top for longitudinal reinforcement of the lower chassis plate. The battery tray and lower chassis work together in a uniform flex system.

Battery Tray.

The unique battery tray system of the X8 works together with the lower chassis plate in a uniform flex system.

Chassis Flex.

The uniform flex system of the chassis allows to adjust different flex characteristics to adjust the car to all different track conditions. By adding or removing the screws on the front chassis brace the flex can be adjusted from very soft up to very stiff.

Electronics Installation.

Different battery types feature different electronic installation options for optimized weight balance.

Battery Mounting.

Wicket bracket keeps the batteries apart with a gap in between for independent battery flex in the battery tray as well to improve cooling of the batteries.


The aluminum bulkheads are designed to join the lower chassis plate and battery tray together in a durable, efficient, and lightweight design. The bulkheads provide optimal stiffness, flex and handling characteristics, even when using harder foam tires.

Front End.

The graphite plate of the front suspension connects to the aluminum bulkheads with the servo and steering directly attached to it. The front assembly is attached to the chassis through an aluminum pivot ball holder for rigid and precise operation.

Front Pod.

Fully independent front pod moves on the pivot balls to ensure maximum performance from the front suspension. There are two different pod stiffness adjustment alternatives that can be used for easy adjustment to fit individual preferences.

Rear End.

The entire rear end is mounted on the lower chassis independent of the radio tray. The rear section features a graphite rear bumper that protects the car from back markers and serves as a convenient location to hold the car.

Belt & Belt Tensioner.

To increase the reliability and strength, the 4WD system features a wide 6mm low friction belt. The reinforced high-efficiency low-friction drive belt ensure that power is properly and efficiently transferred to all drivetrain parts.

The multiple flanged bearing belt tensioner system allows for a smooth and reliable drivetrain. The superior belt tensioning system requires less tension, allowing more chassis flex for improved handling without fear of belt skip issues.

Caster & Axle Height.

Adjusting the front caster is a very simple process, made by loosening four (4) screws and moving the upper graphite plate to one of three adjustment positions. The three caster settings are 10°, 13.5° and 17°.

Servo Saver.

The servo saver has a short stand to match the low height of the battery tray and a key-lock system that ensures the servo saver will stay secured even during chassis flex in extreme conditions.

Pivot Balls.

The X8 front suspension contains precision pivot balls that are specially hardened to better withstand harsh crashes and extend their lifespan.

Steering Blocks.

The steering blocks are molded from a medium composite mixture to keep suspension geometry consistent and to provide strength and accuracy.


The front lower bumper features extra body mount positions to fit all popular racing bodies. The aluminum 7075 T6 front body posts use eccentric mounting for front/rear mounting locations that position the body 2mm front or rear.

Front Offset & Track Width.

Front track width is easily adjustable via steering block pivot balls, and the front offset is adjusted by 0.5–2.5mm using included shims. This alters steering geometry & steering characteristics.

Rear Track Width.

Rear track width is adjusted by adding or removing shims & wheel pins on the rear axle. It’s adjustable in a range of 3mm.

Rear Body Holders.

The rear body holders can be moved frontwards or rearward together with the body by 2mm. The side holder posts are fully adjustable to ensure the body is properly supported at the desired height. The high level of stiffness prevents body flex during high speeds to maintain consistency and stability from the handling.

The rear body mount holder accommodates mounting of all popular racing bodies and meets all rules. The reinforced body mount is reliable and durable to withstand hard crashes.

Drive Shafts.

The tiny front CVD drive shafts are manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™, the most effective drive shaft material by the industry leader HUDY. Self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™ ensures the longest drive shaft life, maximum strength, and lowest weight.

Hardened with a proprietary process, the drive shafts provide unbeatable lifespan and reliability.

Pulleys, Axles & Outdrives.

Pulleys, axles & outdrives are all high precision components designed for high competition racing and machined only from the premium materials to ensure the highest strength, reliability and performance.

Spur Gears.

The lightweight transmission features a small spur gear from the well-proven NT1, allowing fast acceleration and low rotating mass.

The spur gear is made from a durable composite material that decreases the weight of rotating parts for improved acceleration.

The spur gear is molded with a special technique allowing the gear to be absolutely true, improving the drivetrain efficiency. The gear is stamped with a tooth number for easy identification.
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