XRAY X12’22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit

XRAY X12’22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit

XRAY X12'22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit XRAY X12'22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit XRAY X12'22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit

From XRAY:
2022 All-New:

  • Fully adjustable battery mounting system does not require an O-ring or tape
  • Ultra-lightweight steel solid axle for improved drivability and throttle control
  • New lightweight wheel adaptors for reduced rotation mass
  • Wider foam bumper for better body shell support & improved crash protection
  • Updated front suspension with adjustable steering lock limiters
  • New steel arm brace for increased arm strength
  • New low profile lightweight bushings installed in graphite plates replace traditional nuts for a sleeker look and lower CG
  • Solid axle now standard in the EU Edition
  • 1.0 kingpins included in the US Edition for improved drivability out of the box on high traction
  • First class Build Videos and Tech Tip Videos with QR links in the Instruction Manual

Rear Assembly.

The rear link brace was redesigned as part of the fully adjustable battery mounting system that no longer requires an O-ring or tape to secure the pack and features new low profile lightweight bushings that replace M3 nuts for a sleeker look and lower CG.

Battery Holders.

The new adjustable battery holder system secures the battery in the car in a tweak-free, non-fixed manner to help improve traction and makes it more stable and easier to drive.

Rear Axle.

A new ultra-light weight steel solid axle for improved drivability and throttle response has a construction that is extremely light and more durable, while the steel material minimizes flex, making the car more predictable to drive.

Rear Hubs.

The all-new super-lightweight wheel adapters reduce rotating mass and the one-piece design eliminates use of additional shims.

Low Profile Bushings.

New lightweight low-profile bushings installed in the graphite plates replace traditional locknuts for a sleeker look while lowering CG, and simplified assembly eliminating the additional wrench needed for M3 nuts.

Rear POD.

The rear upper plate features a new design that allows to install and use the low profile bushing to mount the center shock that eliminates to use the M3 lock nut from bottom.

Side Braces.

Side braces are updated to accommodate the all-new special low profile, lightweight bushings to replace the traditional lock nuts and reducing the chances of chassis tweak while lowering the CG.

Tweak-Free Front Suspension.

The Tweak-Free front suspension features new adjustable steering lock limiters, steel arm braces for increased strength and optimized camber for each version of the X12.


To match typical track conditions, each version includes unique kingpins: EU Kit – 1.5 camber and US Kit – 1.0 camber.

Steering Lock.

All-new updated front suspension arm includes mounting locations for the included adjustable steering lock limiters, making it possible to physically limit steering angle for improved consistency during cornering.

Foam Bumper.

Redesigned wider foam front bumper provides better support of the body & improves protection in crashes.

Hand-cut from specially-developed foam material, the bumper is very light, yet very strong.

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XRAY X12'22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit XRAY X12'22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit XRAY X12'22 1/12 On-Road Pan Car Kit

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Updated: November 29, 2021 — 3:15 PM

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