XRAY X1’20 1/10 Formula Car Kit

XRAY X1’20 1/10 Formula Car Kit

From XRAY:
2020 All-new Features:

  • All-new chassis – allows to adjust the wheelbase of the front suspension. The chassis features 3 wheelbase alternatives. Standard wheelbase and +/- 4mm
  • All-new bulkheads – redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount system, redesigned to allow to lower the diff position by 0.5mm for greater range of ride height adjustment, left bulkhead redesigned to eliminate the problem with bending in crashes
  • All-new front stand – instead of the post which holds the upper arm mount plate is the stand which reinforces the front part of the chassis for more steering and also allows to mount graphite brace that could be connected to the front lower arms for greater flex adjustment possibilities
  • All-new graphite arm mount plates allows to connect all new post with the steering pivot shaft for greater steering adjustment possibilities
  • All-new graphite top deck – redesigned to work with the new adjustable wheelbase
  • All-new graphite rear pod – redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount system
  • All-new alu pod link graphite plate holder – replacing the shims. The holder is made from 1 piece and has centering pins to eliminate the possibility to move graphite plate in crashes
  • All-new graphite pod link plate – added one extra hole for the composite pod link mount to have greater steering adjustment possibilities
  • All-new lighter pod brace holder from graphite composite material to increase consistency and to resist flexing
  • All-new rear graphite brace which was redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount set
  • All-new graphite backstop for battery pack in cross-chassis alignment alternative
  • All-new graphite brace for bulkheads – redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount set, features the holes to mount the fan
  • All-new completely redesigned independent wing mount set which is now lighter, stronger, more durable and has less flex

World Cup Champions.

Team Xray won the first ever World Cup Championship in South Africa. The dominating performance of XRAY was proven when 9 out of 10 A finalists used the X1 car.


All parts are purpose-designed and manufactured by XRAY from premium materials including legendary HUDY Spring Steel™, premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, high-grade custom-formulated graphite material, and our own proprietary custom blends of composite materials. Everything on the X1 is premium with maximum attention to detail so all parts fit and work perfectly together.

European Champions.

Back-to-Back-to-Back Champions

The 2016 European Championship was the first EC ever where the XRAY X1 dominated the race by placing 5 cars in the A-main; taking TQ honors and having a double-podium finish (1st and 3rd). The XRAY X1 is the first-ever European Champion Formula car with Jan Ratheisky at the wheel.

Since then the X1 has won another European Championships in 2017, 2018 and again also in 2019, making it 4x European Champion for the X1 platform.

Made in Europe.

From unique HUDY Spring Steel™… to the world’s strongest Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum… to XRAY’s own proprietary composite material & premium high-grade graphite materials… everything on the X1 is exclusive and premium.

Using selected, exclusive European materials crafted by XRAY’s engineering artists on state-of-the-art German, Italian, and Swiss CNC machines; the X1 is born from the finest that the world has to offer.

ETS Champions.

Back-to-Back Champions

With the most competitive Formula class racing series in the world – the ETS series – the stakes are high for dependable performance during the season at all different tracks across Europe. With the world’s best drivers in the Formula class battling for the overall ETS season title, Jan Ratheisky has won the title for the past years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and he reclaimed his title in 2019 with his XRAY X1; making the X1 the most winning & successful Formula car.

Now the rest of the world can own and race the same ETS Championship-winning Formula car; trialed by fire and successfully proven in the most competitive racing series in the world.

Winning Heritage.

When it comes to high-competition racing there is absolutely no other Formula car with more outstanding race results and achievements. With national titles around the world from the IIC, ETS & Snowbirds national titles to the World Cup & European Championship titles… the X1 has an astonishingly strong lineup of victories to support the winning heritage of the XRAY X1 platform.


Since the release of the first X1, the competition level of the Formula class continues to rise so it’s no surprise that Team XRAY continues to drive development and push performance boundaries.

With XRAY’s philosophy of engineering & racing perfection, the X1 was designed using the world’s most sophisticated CAD, virtual-reality technology. Manufactured using our top-of-the-line, in-house machining; the X1 has attained a level of perfection that is second to none
Martin Hudy
XRAY designer


The legendary XRAY design, workmanship, material quality and unmatched attention to detail have resulted in a state of perfection achieved by precisely-engineered refinements that create a race car that is easy to drive, work on, and adjust.


To create and develop the X1 platform, Martin Hudy teamed up with the world’s best 1/10 Formula experts – Jan Ratheisky and Francesco Martini, both of whom have been vital to the development team. They are the driving force for ongoing detail refinement that make the X1 the best handling and performing 1/10 Formula car in the world.


As with every XRAY platform, the X1’s success is based on the R&D and Factory Team members’ passion that furthers development and puts out maximum effort at worldwide race events for winning results and constant support to our customers. Jan Ratheisky is the XRAY R&D expert responsible for the X1 platform; traveling around the world not only to showcase the performance of the X1 but to also be available to service and help all XRAY customers. True passion is what drives Team XRAY.


Successful development of the X1 – like all other XRAY platforms – would not have been possible without the involvement of the entire racing team working throughout the year to test new ideas, prototypes, and improvements. The racing team travels to all major races around the world to provide XRAY drivers with first-class support & service that comes from being part of the XRAY team.
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XRAY X1’20 1/10 Formula Car Kit XRAY X1’20 1/10 Formula Car Kit XRAY X1’20 1/10 Formula Car Kit XRAY X1’20 1/10 Formula Car Kit XRAY X1’20 1/10 Formula Car Kit

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