XRAY X10’22 1/10 Pan Car

XRAY X10’22 1/10 Pan Car

XRAY X10'22 1/10 Pan Car XRAY X10'22 1/10 Pan Car XRAY X10'22 1/10 Pan Car

From XRAY:
2022 All-new Features.

  • Completely redesigned X10 platform
  • 90% new components with the main focus on improvement of durability, stability and traction
  • Tweak free design, new rear center pivot mounting system, bulkheads, pod plates & redesigned front suspension
  • New chassis plates for the new front suspension & rear pivot, chassis side braces
  • All-new graphite chassis side braces with four different settings to alter chassis stiffness
  • All-new aluminum center pivot mounting system improves traction & stability of the car
  • All-new rear center pivot adjustment changes the pivot location relative to the side links
  • New one-piece bulkheads with upper & lower center pins achieve maximum durability and eliminate tweak
  • Graphite rear upper plate to align with the bulkhead centering pins
  • All-new front suspension completely redesigned for maximum durability & to eliminate tweak
  • Single graphite arms replace composite arms for maximum rigidity.
  • Heavy-duty 4mm kingpin system with fixed camber geometry
  • Front suspension flex adjustment system with three different flex settings
  • All-new graphite moulded steering block for 4mm king pin with new Ackermann positions for improved steering response
  • Big bore front springs with larger diameter for smoother & more precise dampening
  • Stealth looking black design
  • World Championship, ROAR National Championship and EFRA European Championship winning platform


The graphite chassis and rear POD have a completely all-new design and shape. The chassis was redesigned to accommodate the all-new front Tweak-Free Suspension and the all-new rear Tweak-Free POD System.

The CNC-machined chassis is custom-manufactured from 2.5mm high-grade graphite material.

Rear POD

The rear of the X10 has been completely redesigned and features the all-new Tweak-Free POD Mounting System.

The all-new POD parts include new aluminum bulkheads and new graphite upper and lower alu pod plates. The new mounting system improves traction and stability of the car and eliminates tweak issues after crashes.

The all-new graphite upper plate was redesigned to mount to the bulkheads with centering pins and 4 screws to secure the assembly in proper alignment and to minimize the chances of tweak after an impact on the track.

The rear POD also features completely redesigned one-piece bulkheads to achieve maximum durability. The new bulkheads allow for rear axle height adjustment via traditional eccentric bushings.

POD Mounting System.

All-new aluminum Tweak-Free Pod Mounting System improves traction and stability of the car and eliminates tweak issues after crashes. The new system allows for a significantly lowered roll center, lowered center of gravity, and pivot height adjustment using different shims.

The all-new pod mounting position choices include the standard rearward mounting position where the center pivot is located in-line with the side link pivot balls on the rear pod plate, and the new forward location that places the pivot 2mm forward of the link mounting points. This adjustment has a significant effect on the cornering feel:

Forward – gives a good balance between front and rear traction, and is well suited for most conditions.
Rearward – gives the most steering, and most free rear end, especially suited for high grip carpet.


The all-new bulkheads are a 1-piece tweak-free design which is more rigid and robust. The new lower profile of the bulkheads and redesigned upper plate help to reduce the overall CG of the assembly.

The new bulkheads feature centering pins on the top surface that align the upper pod plate during assembly and prevent movement between the components during a crash. To further enhance the assembly’s strength and resistance to tweak, the upper pod plate now uses 4 mounting screws to secure it to the bulkheads

The 1 piece bulkheads in the X10 utilize eccentric bushing inserts for the rear axle height adjustment.

Tweak-Free Front Suspension.

The all-new Tweak-Free Front Suspension was completely redesigned to achieve maximum durability, stability and to remove tweak issues after a crash. The new front suspension design features fewer components, reducing the mass of components mounted high above the chassis plate in previous designs, resulting in a lower CG.

A single Tweak-free lower graphite arm that replaces previous composite arms for maximum rigidity are part of the front suspension flex adjustment.

New steering blocks feature updated Ackermann positions offer improved steering characteristics.

The Tweak Free Front Suspension features the heavy-duty 4mm kingpin system that retains its geometry after an impact to help complete a race without any adverse effects on handling.

All-new big bore front springs with larger diameter allows for a smoother and more precise front suspension dampening.

Front Suspension Flex Settings.

The Tweak-Free Front Suspension incorporates a flex adjustment system with three different settings for various track conditions.

Steering Block.

All-new steering block is redesigned to work with the new 4mm king pin axle, features new Ackerman positions for improved steering, and is moulded from a special graphite composite material for minimum friction against the kingpin.

The steering blocks use ultra-precise wheel axles CNC-machined from premium HUDY Spring Steel•? that are additionally hardened and hand ground for precision fitment.


All-new super-smooth, hardened steel 4mm kingpins provide the foundation for the Tweak Free Front Suspension. The kingpins have a new, stronger design with a machined 1.5° camber angle machined into the kingpin for precise suspension geometry. Optional 1.0° and 2.0° camber king-pins are available to adjust the camber in fixed steps.

Side Braces.

All-new graphite side braces are mounted to the rear brace, and to the chassis via aluminum posts, and offer four flex setting alternatives to adjust the chassis characteristics for different track conditions.

The side braces allow for the following tuning options:

Rear Link Brace.

The rear link brace was redesigned to accommodate the new side braces and is part of the Multi-Flex setting.

The graphite rear link brace holds the side tubes as well as the side springs and body posts. It also functions as a backstop for the battery pack.

Rear Ride Height.

The alu bulkheads allow for very quick & easy ride height adjustment using eccentric axle holder bushings. The axle height is adjustable in 1/2mm increments over a 5mm range. Smart & easy.
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XRAY X10'22 1/10 Pan Car XRAY X10'22 1/10 Pan Car XRAY X10'22 1/10 Pan Car

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