XRAY X1 2019 Formula 1 Car

XRAY X1 2019 Formula 1 Car

From XRAY:

2019 All-new Features:

  • All-new front lower arms redesigned & made from harder material for better durability & front track-width adjustment ability
  • All-new wider arm mount-plate included in the kit allows for front track width adjustment
  • All-new graphite top deck allows adjustment to inline chassis flex
  • All-new alu servo-mount works with new lower adjustable graphite arms
  • All-new alu bulkheads allow for quick & easy ride height adjustment.
  • All-new upper clamps work with new bulkheads
  • All-new rear wheelbase adjustment
  • All-new graphite rear brace with integrated backstop and O-ring battery-mount system
  • All-new O-ring for battery securement
  • All-new 4-position adjustable graphite battery backstop
  • All-new graphite rear bulkhead brace with extra wing mount position; redesigned to work with new rear bulkheads
  • All-new plate for mounts to work with new top deck
  • Softer, most commonly used front coil springs included in the kit

Front Lower Arms.

The all-new front lower arms were redesigned for increased durability, easier drivability in high-traction conditions and increased adjustment possibilities.

The shape of the arm was redesigned to be more robust for improved durability of the arms. The extra material reinforces the arm and prevents it from bending in hard crashes.

The graphite material hardness was changed to a stronger compound to reduce flexing of the arm. This results in increased stability for the car and easier drivability in high traction conditions.

The front lower arm features two mounting positions which allow adjustment of the car’s front width.

The softer front lower arms from previous X1 versions are still available options and are recommended for use on low-traction tracks or harder front tires to generate more steering.

Arm Mount Plate.

The X1 kit features two arm mount plates with standard and wider design options.

The narrow arm plate is used with the narrow lower arms setting and is for the most common F1 tires such as HUDY.

The wider arm plate is used with the wider lower arms setting and is for compatibility with narrower tires like Volante.

The arm mount plate is precision machined from premium 2.5mm graphite material. It holds the front aluminum anti-roll bar holders as well the eccentric suspension holders.

Front Track-Width.

The two different, included arm mount plates each have distinct track-width settings.

Narrow track width outer holes on suspension arms and narrow arm plate are suggested when using standard front tire sizes like HUDY or RIDE.

Wide track width – using inner holes on suspension arms and wider arm plate is suggested when using narrow front tires likes Volante. The wide track setting increased track width by 5mm on each side.

Servo Mount.

The all-new servo mount was redesigned to work with the new lower adjustable graphite arms.

The servo mount is CNC-machined from premium extra-hard Swiss 7075 T6 orange-coated aluminum for a stylish look.

Top Deck.

The all-new unique top deck allows for adjustment of the car’s flex using the In-Line Flex™ for different traction conditions and tires. The top deck also features a mounting hole for the shock adaptor when the long shock setting is used.

There are three In-Line Flex™ options: Soft, Medium and Stiff.

Plate for mounts.

The all-new plate for mounts was redesigned to connect with the new In-Line Flex™ top deck; allowing for super easy and quick chassis in-line flex adjustment. The plate is made from high-quality 2.5mm graphite material.

Alu Bulkheads.

All-new rear alu bulkheads were redesigned to work with the new upper clamps with bushings alongside optional eccentric clamps.

The right bulkhead has a motor-mount design with multiple mounting positions. The upper motor-mount position prevents the motor from moving in serious crashes and adds another option to easily mount different types of motors.

The tiny rear bulkheads, including the upper bulkhead clamps, are significantly lower and lighter which helps to reduce CG of the rear suspension.

CNC-machined from premium extra-hard Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum for extended life and a stylish look.

Upper Clamps.

The upper clamps were designed to work with the new rear bulkheads. The composite bushings extend the life of the bearings & durability of the clamps.

CNC-machined from premium extra-hard Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum for extended life and a stylish look.

Rear Wheelbase Adjustment.

X1 features an all-new rear wheelbase adjustment with three different rear wheelbase positions available to choose from.

The standard middle position with optional eccentric upper clamps allows movement of the rear axle either 1mm forward or rearward depending on the clamp orientation.

The shorter car rotates faster in slow corners and has improved forward traction.

The longer car is freer in high-speed corners with a more linear feel; especially during fast direction changes.

Rear Graphite Wing Mount.

The all-new rear graphite mount plate was redesigned to work with the new bulkheads and features 2 new extra-high wing mount positions to generate even more traction. The mount also features two holes that allow for mounting of an optional fan.

The rear graphite wing mount has multiple high and low mounting positions to adapt to many traction conditions and racing surfaces.

Upper holes – for higher wing mounting to generate more stability and traction off-power. Recommended for very-low and low traction conditions; typically on asphalt.

Lower holes – for lower wing mounting to decrease traction rolling and easier car drivability. Recommended for high and very-high traction conditions; typically on carpet.

Rear Ride Height.

The all-new alu bulkheads allow for quick & easy ride height adjustment. No more hassle of disassembling the car to change the rear ride height! The included ride height shims are inserted between the bulkhead and upper bulkhead clamp to alter the ride height. Smart & easy.

The new ultra-fine ride height adjustment allows changes in increments of 0.25mm in comparison to the previous 0.5mm increments using eccentric bushings.

Rear Link Brace.

The all-new rear link brace was completely redesigned to allow for a wider range of battery placement and features a new O-ring battery mounting system.

The brace features grooves for the O-ring to prevent battery movement. This battery mounting system is more user friendly for easier insertion and removal of the battery with no more need for battery tape.

The graphite rear link brace holds the side tubes, side springs and body posts and works as a backstop for the battery pack.

Battery Backstops.

The all-new rear link brace & battery backstop allows for a wider range of battery placement adjustment.

The brace includes two holes into which the adjustable battery backstop is inserted. The battery backstop has 4 positions for more forward placement of the batteries. The distance between each position is 2mm for a total 6mm forward movement of the battery.

The frontward-placed battery makes the car easier to drive, more predictable over bumps & reduces wheel lift in corners.

The rearward-placed battery makes the car more aggressive and increases cornering speed but is more difficult to drive.

Front Coil Springs.

The softer, most commonly-used front coil springs are now included in the kit to make the X1 even better out of the box. These silver C2.0 springs are the most used springs for both carpet and asphalt tracks and improve corner-steering.

Gear Differential.

The revolutionary, all-new XRAY- designed, super-smooth gear diff is a direct replacement for the ball-differential.

Using the optional gear differential makes the car more stable and easier to drive, especially in high-traction conditions. The gear diff increases on-power steering which is needed on almost all types of tracks; a “must have” for every racer.

The complete gear differential set includes a composite case, cover and precision-molded internal satellite gears made from special XRAY-developed composite material; all ensuring long lifespan and super-smooth efficient operation. A super-strong hollow steel shaft ensures maximum reliability and strength.

The advantage of the gear diff is that it is maintenance-free. For a very long period of time, when the diff is correctly built, there is no need for maintenance or frequent oil changes plus no leakage due to the superior sealing system.

World Cup Champions.

Team Xray won the first ever World Cup Championship in South Africa. The dominating performance of XRAY was proven when 9 out of 10 A finalists used the X1 car.

Jan Ratheisky used the 2019 prototype parts like the new top deck and the optional gear differential


All parts are purpose-designed and manufactured by XRAY from premium materials including legendary HUDY Spring Steel™, premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, high-grade custom-formulated graphite material, and our own proprietary custom blends of composite materials. Everything on the X1 is premium with maximum attention to detail so all parts fit and work perfectly together.

European Champions.

Back-to-Back-to-Back Champions

The 2016 European Championship was the first EC ever where the XRAY X1 dominated the race by placing 5 cars in the A-main; taking TQ honors and having a double-podium finish (1st and 3rd). The XRAY X1 is the first-ever European Champion Formula car with Jan Ratheisky at the wheel.

In 2017, Team XRAY repeated this great success by bringing back-to-back European Champion titles back home as well as having the most cars in the main final. Jan Ratheisky and Martin Hudy used 2018 prototype parts to dominate the race, take the podium and win 3rd place respectively. It is the same out-of-the box X1 that you can purchase and race now.

In 2018, Team Xray repeated the success and won the European Champion title for the 3rd time in a row. Jan Ratheisky used the 2019 prototype parts such as the wider front-width setting and the new top deck.

Made in Europe.

From unique HUDY Spring Steel™… to the world’s strongest Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum… to XRAY’s own proprietary composite material & premium high-grade graphite materials… everything on the X1 is exclusive and premium.

Using selected, exclusive European materials crafted by XRAY’s engineering artists on state-of-the-art German, Italian, and Swiss CNC machines; the X1 is born from the finest that the world has to offer.

ETS Champions.

Back-to-Back Champions

With the most competitive Formula class racing series in the world – the ETS series – the stakes are high for dependable performance during the season at all different tracks across Europe. With the world’s best drivers in the Formula class battling for the overall ETS season title, Jan Ratheisky has won the title for the past 3 years in a row (2014-2015-2016) and he reclaimed his title in 2018 with his XRAY X1; making the X1 the most winning & successful Formula car.

Now the rest of the world can own and race the same ETS Championship-winning Formula car; trialed by fire and successfully proven in the most competitive racing series in the world.

Winning Heritage.

When it comes to high-competition racing there is absolutely no other Formula car with more outstanding race results and achievements. With national titles around the world from the IIC, ETS & Snowbirds national titles to the World Cup & European Championship titles… the X1 has an astonishingly strong lineup of victories to support the winning heritage of the XRAY X1 platform.
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