XRAY RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car

XRAY RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car

From XRAY:
All-new features:

  • All-new stealth black design
  • All-new lightened bulkheads for improved flex characteristics
  • All-new chassis layout moves the engine closer to the rear axle for increased traction and stability
  • All-new redesigned radio plate allows more flex to generate more steering and traction
  • All-new ribbed 2-speed carrier for improved and more consistent shifting
  • All-new lightened brake disc adapter to reduce the rotating mass
  • All-new lighter & shorter rear solid axle to reduce rotating mass and to expand the rear width adjustment possibilities
  • All-new drive belts to match the updated engine position and chassis layout
  • All-new composite rear body holder arms from harder material for increased stability
  • All-new shorter rear extensions with a new shock absorber geometry for increased traction; featuring a threaded hole to secure the shock mount screw for easier maintenance
  • Updated front bumper to improve durability and reduce body flex in high speed corners


All-new lightened aluminum bulkheads were complete redesigned for improved flex of the car. The entire aluminum backbone of the car has been blazoned with the stylish stealth black anodized treatment.

The aluminum bulkheads provide optimal stiffness & flex characteristics for better steering characteristics, even with hard spec tires.


The chassis was redesigned featuring the new layout that moves the engine position rearward for increased traction and stability.

The chassis is designed to fit narrow rear suspension configuration that generates more rear traction and improves the stability of the car.

The chassis continues to feature a unique front flex adjustment using a removable aluminum brace.

The narrow layout allows for the intended chassis flex to generate traction and steering. The narrower chassis and angled sides also reduces chassis rub during cornering to help eliminate the feel of the car stalling in mid-corner.

Adjustable weight positions on both sides of the chassis offer quick & easy weight balance adjustment.

PUR® Drive Belts.

The RX8 includes 3 new drive belts to accommodate the new rearward engine position. The PUR®-reinforced high-efficiency low-friction drive belts ensure that all power is properly and efficiently transferred to all drivetrain parts.

Radio Plate.

To generate more steering and traction, the radio plate was redesigned to have more flex.

The radio plate is CNC-machined from 2.5mm graphite material and the design allows for easy removal of the entire radio plate (with all electronics) for quick & easy servicing and cleaning.

2-speed Carrier.

The 2-speed system features an all-new carrier. The external ribs increase the carrier rigidity for improved and more consistent shifting. Machined from lightweight 7075 T6 aluminum.

Brake Disc Adapter.

All-new brake disc adapter is 20% lighter to reduce the rotating mass for faster acceleration and improved braking response..

Rear Body Holders.

The rear body holder arms are molded from a new harder material. The improved stiffness prevents body flex during high speeds to improve handling consistency and stability.

The rear body mount holder allows the mounting of all popular racing bodies and meets all rules. The reinforced body mount is reliable and durable to withstand hard crashes.

Solid Axle.

All-new lighter & shorter rear solid axle reduces drivetrain rotating weight to improve efficiency and acceleration. The shorter axle dimensions also allow for an expanded range of rear track width adjustments previously limited by driveshaft clearance.

Machined from the super strong Hudy Spring Steel™ and hardened for extra-long life.

Shock Mounting Extensions.

To increase traction, the lower shock absorber mounting extensions have all-new geometry. The shorter rear extensions reposition the shock mount location inward. To improve the convenience while working on the car the shock mounting holes are threaded to ensure the lower shock screws do not fall out when the shocks are removed.

Front extensions are made from laser-cut steel and additionally black coated for improved durability and the rear extensions are machined from lightweight aluminum and black anodized.


The front bumper was refined to improve durability and to avoid body bend in high speed corners. The front lip of the bumper was reinforced for improved air flow and increased downforce.
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XRAY RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car XRAY RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car XRAY RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car XRAY RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car XRAY RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car

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