XRAY GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Car

XRAY GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Car

From XRAY:
All-New Features:

  • All-new front & rear diffs with increased oil capacity increase traction & consistency
  • All-new front upper arm with reduced caster improves the steering characteristics and decreases tire wear
  • All-new harder lower front arms increases response and corner speed
  • All-new chassis fits soft & hard radio trays to adjust flex for various track conditions
  • All-new rear upright with 8x16x5mm outer ball-bearings for increased reliability and lifespan
  • All-new narrower rear suspension arm holders
  • All-new longer rear arm for increased stability & grip
  • All-new 4-shoe clutch with significantly improved gear-shifting, better engagement, improved acceleration & reduced wear
  • All-new shock membrane with reduced air gap generates more grip
  • All-new shock cap with 4 vent holes to compliment the new shock membrane
  • Longer rear camber link
  • 2.8mm front and 3.0mm rear anti-roll bars


The new XB8 chassis was redesigned to fit both Soft and Hard composite radio boxes without modification. The included Soft radio box allows more chassis flex and is suggested for most standard track conditions. The optional Hard radio box increases vehicle stability and is suggested for very high temperature and high traction conditions.

The chassis is CNC-machined from 3mm high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, strategically machined in low-stress areas, and then anodized to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity.

Gear Differential.

The all-new high-volume differentials were developed to improve vehicle control and consistency over long runs and enhance reliability. The differentials feature larger capacity cases, and larger internal gears with more teeth for improved differential moment. The larger oil volume and the shape of the gear teeth reduce overheating. The diff pins have a new, stronger design to improve reliability.

Suspension Arms.

All-new front lower and upper arms are moulded using a harder material to improve response and to maintain bind-free suspension movement in dusty or hot conditions.

The longer rear arms help create more forward traction and allow quicker acceleration out of the corners. The rear arms are also moulded from an extra hard material for consistent and responsive performance.

The updated front upper arm geometry allows for less caster to improve the steering characteristics, increase the overall steering and help reduce tire wear.


All-new front upper arms with less caster improve the steering characteristics, increase the overall steering and reduce the tire wear.

Rear Uprights.

The rear uprights feature new larger outer 8x16x5mm ball-bearings for increased reliability and life-span. To expand the set-up alternatives, an additional lower roll-center adjustment position was added.

The smart design allows the same upright to be used on both left & right sides. The wheelbase position is adjustable using 2 shims along the lower suspension pin.

The rear uprights feature integrated geometry adjustments including: camber, upper and lower roll center and wheelbase.

Rear Camber Link.

The longer camber link accommodates the revised roll center positions on the new uprights.

Suspension Holders.

The narrow rear suspension holders work together with the new longer rear arms to improve overall grip, forward traction and allow earlier acceleration at corner exit.


Clutch performance is critical to engine operation, fuel mileage, throttle control and traction. The all-new adjustable, 4 shoe clutch improves clutch bell engagement for better engine response and improves throttle feel.

The clutch design features 4-shoes machined from a graphite material. The clutch setting can be tuned with the adjustment nut to control the engagement point as desired.

Shocks Absorbers.

The GT shocks were redesigned with new shock caps and cell shock membranes. The all-new shock caps feature 4 bleeding holes for more equal oil bleeding and a more precise shock rebound setting.

The cell shock membranes have less air gap that helps to generate more grip. The redesigned shape of the composite bushings result in free operation even in dusty conditions.

Oversized big-bore shocks featuring 16.2mm I.D. shock bodies are externally threaded with an adjustable collar for quick & easy spring preload adjustment. The shock bodies are hardcoated in a titanium color and feature a 1-piece alu shock cap.

Anti-Roll Bars.

The larger front and rear anti-roll bars help control chassis roll, increase corner speed and improve the stability of the car.

The front & rear roll bars are easily mounted to the bulkheads and can be adjusted using the connected linkages.

Manufactured from spring steel material, anti-roll bars of different thickness are optionally available for fine-tuning.

The GTX8 is XRAY’s 1/8 nitro GT based on the European Championship-winning XB8 off-road platform. Utilizing proven, high-performance components from the first generation kit, the new GTX8 incorporates many new features and refinements to push its performance to the next level.

Made in Europe.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German & Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY’s legendary attention to detail by our artistic production specialists. The GTX8 is truly a masterpiece
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XRAY GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Car XRAY GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Car XRAY GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Car XRAY GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Car XRAY GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Car

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Updated: March 25, 2019 — 3:46 PM
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