XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 1/10 Touring Car

XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 1/10 Touring Car

XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 110 Touring Car XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 110 Touring Car XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 110 Touring Car

From XRAY:
2023 All-new Features:

  • Next generation X4F front wheel touring car moves to the X4 platform with advanced upper/lower arm suspension mounted to a new mid-motor chassis layout for improved balance and handling
  • Unique CFF™ – Carbon Fiber Fusion upper and lower suspension arms for outstanding handling & durability
  • All suspension components mount directly to the CFF™ arms without any additional brackets, inserts or bushings for accuracy and reliability
  • ARS suspension with highly adjustable geometry settings including roll center, caster and an active toe adjustment
  • Precision Hudy Spring Steel™ pivot balls in all suspension pivots for smooth suspension movement
  • All-new hubs are universal front and rear to reduce the number of spares for easier maintenance
  • New anti-roll bar shapes match the updated mounting points on the CFF™ suspension arms
  • All-new aluminum shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions for maximum adjustability
  • All-new upper bulkheads with caster inserts for quick setup changes feature centering pins for precise installation and improved reliability
  • Lower bulkheads updated with raised diff height option for improved cornering speed

Made in Europe.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German and Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY’s trademark attention to detail by our production specialists. The X4 is truly a masterpiece.


X4F is designed and based on the X4 platform and as such majority of all parts are fully compatible.

CFF™ Arms.

Unique CFF™ – Carbon Fiber Fusion upper & lower suspension arms for outstanding handling.

Suspension Mounting.

All suspension components mount directly to the CFF™ arms without additional parts, eliminating play between pieces to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Suspension Arms.

The CFF™ arms make the X4F extremely responsive and sharp, and generate fantastic cornering speed & traction.


The X4F chassis is designed for the new CFF™ suspension concept and adds alignment holes for the centering pins found on all of the X4F bulkheads and motor mount for maximum reliability in a crash.

Motor Mount.

Super-strong one-piece motor mount is placed in the absolute chassis center and features integrated layshaft axle and new tweak-free top deck mounting.

Battery Backstops.

Integrated battery backstops set the battery position to adjust weight balance and prevent interference with the spur gear.

Servo Mount.

The X4F moves the servo to a new position. For the optimal configuration to work with the popular low-profile shorty batteries in the FWD class, the servo is moved to the battery side of the chassis. The servo mount is placed as far forward as possible with the battery located right behind the servo. Together with the new motor mount position, the X4F chassis layout provides better L/R and F/R balance with more forward bias that is desirable for maximum performance in the FWD class.

The servo mount features an additional battery holder to secure the battery pack.

Battery Holders.

The tweak-free, fully adjustable Quick Battery Mounting System offers simple and secure battery installation without tape and without adverse effects on chassis flex.

Middle Layshaft.

The super-lightweight hollow aluminum layshaft eliminates drivetrain vibration.

Bumper Weight.

The X4F includes a 100g brass weight that is mounted under the new front lower bumper that helps to increase traction in the FWD application and makes the car easier to drive.


The new heavy duty bulkheads feature centering pins for maximum reliability in a crash and raised diff positions for improved cornering speed in high traction conditions.

Centering Pins.

All chassis mounted aluminum framework parts including the bulkheads, motor mount, servo holder, front shock towers and rear body post plates feature centering pins for easy assembly and maximum reliability in a crash.

Upper Clamps.

Reinforced upper clamps use caster inserts for quick and easy set-up changes and use centering pins for precise installation and improved reliability in a crash.


Aluminum inserts easily set the caster angle for quick and accurate tuning. The 2 dot inserts are included for both front and rear, with 1 and 3 dot inserts available for additional tuning options. In the rear suspension, the inserts can be reversed for even more adjustment possibilities.

Top Deck.

The all-new Multi-Flex™ top deck has a narrow shape for easier installation, improved handling characteristics and features several different flex options out of the box.


Graphite composite hubs provide improved geometry for better steering and traction, fully adjustable axle height and improved driveshaft alignment.

Gear Differential.

The gear differential repositions the pulley for a more centered belt alignment that improves consistency and forward traction.

Spur Gears & Pulleys.

Precision-molded spur gears are made from XRAY’s exclusive composite material, ensuring true running, super-quiet operation, and robustness for handling powerful motors. A range of optional spur gears for fine tuning is available.

Front Shock Tower.

The split aluminum front shock towers are mounted directly to the chassis and have adjustable flex options by adding screws to secure the towers to the bulkheads for additional stiffness.

Rear Shock Tower.

All-new aluminum one-piece rear shock tower is mounted directly to the rear bulkheads and its shape provides optimized shock positions for maximum rear traction. Unlike the split front towers, the one-piece rear tower was found to provide better consistency and balance throughout testing.

Rear Body Mounting System.

Rear body mount system connects directly to the chassis using horizontal body post positions for improved downforce and traction.

Steering System.

The new steering system has a more responsive and precise feel from the lowered steering plate with more efficient geometry, shorter posts, integrated adjustable steering lock and the included aluminum steering arms.

Drive Shafts.

Longer front ECS drive shafts with new drive axles move the pivot in line with the hub rotation to improve traction and efficiency.

Front Bulkheads Brace.

Front graphite brace reduces flex in the front of the car and increases stability on bumpy tracks. The upper bumper brace reduces chassis damage in serious crashes.

Shock Springs.

X4F comes with specifically chosen shock spring sets for the best possible performance out of the box.

ULP Shock Parts.

All the parts of the ULP shocks are specifically designed for the lowest possible size to reduce the weight and keep the lowest possible CG.

Servo Saver.

The popular XRAY servo saver that has become the industry-standard saver is included in the X4F kit for precise steering & sufficient flexibility to prevent servo damage in serious crashes.

Special Hardware.

To ensure maximum performance, the X4F’s high-precision pivot balls are machined in-house and then black coated or nickel coated for a smooth and long lasting finish. To maintain proper balance through every run, the in-house machined top deck screws ensure tweak free handling from start to finish.

Drive Belts.

The 1-belt 2WD drivetrain concept provides maximum efficiency featuring 3mm narrow drive belt that has been specially ground for minimal thickness and maximum flexibility.


A full set of 20 high-speed, blue-sealed and steel ball-bearings are used throughout the drivetrain, steering and anti-roll bars to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bearing Holders.

Both front and rear bulkheads feature additional integrated belt-tension adjustment through the use of adjustable bearing eccentric holders. These holders are also reversible to move the differential height from the lower or upper position that is now +1mm higher than the T4 platform.

Anti-roll Bars.

The X4F come with specifically chosen anti-roll bars for the best possible performance out of the box.

Silicone Oils.

HUDY Exclusive Silicone Oils are manufactured in Europe and each batch is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality from batch to batch. Based on the industry-standard cSt rating, the new line of oils will be easy to identify, adjust, and feel.

When following any set-up sheets by XRAY or XRAY team drivers, you can be sure that the oils you will get for your car are exactly same as those used by the factory racing team, thus ensuring very exacting set-ups and handling.

Chassis Balance.

The chassis features pre-drilled holes for additional weights for optimum car balancing and centerline holes for easy balancing with the HUDY Chassis Balancing Tool #107880.

Adjustment Possibilities.

The extensive and impressive range of adjustment possibilities includes: ARS (Active Rear Suspension™), caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, downstops, track-width, lower roll center, upper roll center, roll center positions, steering roll center, wheelbase, Ackermann, steering lock, bumpsteer, belt-tension adjustment, adjustable shocks, adjustable in-line flex adjustment, adjustable front chassis flex, diff height and adjustable diff.

XRAY Instruction Manual.

XRAY instruction manuals have become the industry standard, being simply the best manuals you will ever get with an RC model car. Whether you are a first-time builder or an experienced racer, all the instructions are straight-forward and easy to understand. The full-color Instruction Manual contains large 3D illustrations that show all assembly details in the clearest possible way.

Tech Tip Videos.

To get the finest tips & tricks on how to build the X4F or to learn more about each of the set-up options, follow the series of XRAY X4 Tech Tip videos featuring Alexander Hagberg and Stefan Schulz. The videos walk through each section of the building process with suggested assembly techniques, demonstrations, and detailed explanations of the various setup adjustments.

Please note that the videos are made specifically for the X4, but will contain very good information that may apply to the X4F as well.
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XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 110 Touring Car

XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 110 Touring Car XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 110 Touring Car XRAY 2023 X4F Front Wheel Drive 110 Touring Car

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