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X Factory Infinity Decals

X Factory Infinity Decals

From X Factory:

X Factory now makes available their cool Infinity stickers in three sizes for all 1/10 R/C vehicles and 1/8 buggies too.  If you have Infinity parts on your car, you want these great stickers on the body.  It’s the pro way to go.

Three sizes are available.  The smallest one is just right for 1/10 buggies, while the middle one goes well on 1/10 stadium trucks and 1/8 buggies, and the large sticker is made for short course trucks.  Your vehicle is constantly on the podium if you’ve got Infinity parts on it, so show your pride with these new stickers, available this week for the first time as separate parts.

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X Factory Infinity Decals

Updated: April 26, 2016 — 3:53 PM
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