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X-Factory Carbon Fiber Body Reinforcement for X-60 Truck Body


New from X-Factory:X Factory announces a cool new carbon fiber part to reinforce the rear body clip area of the X – 60 body. Because the rear body clips are in a recessed spot, this area is naturally a weak spot on the body. The new C.F. part, #8260, spreads the stress over a larger area to lengthen the life of the body. And of course it’s total bling!

The C.F. part bolts onto the existing body and will transfer easily to a new body, so one purchase will last through several bodies for the life of your truck. #8260 is supplied with the screws and locking nuts to install it and a drill bit so the body mount holes can be enlarged to accommodate the new part.

Fine hobby stores all over the world will have the new body reinforcement in stock, so you can get one fastest from your local X Factory dealer. They are also available on

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Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:00 PM
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