Who Remembers Stompers? [VIDEO]

Who Remembers Stompers? [VIDEO]

Aw man, Stompers ruled. Back in 1980, all you needed to hit the trail with 4WD was one of these little guys and a AA battery. Low gearing gave them tons of torque, and many a couch-cushion mountain was scaled with intrepid Stompers. There was even a pulling sled set. They’re highly collectible now, of course.

You were stoked on this in 1980.


This commercial is a greatest-hits of classic trucks. Blazer, Bronco, Jeep, yessss…. Plus working headlights!


Here’s that pulling set, with some vintage BMX bikes in the background. Stick around for a bunch more back-in-the-day toy commercials (you can fast forward the girl stuff, unless you’re into Strawberry Shortcake. No judgements).


LGN tried to get in on the action with their “Rough Riders.” Not Stompers, but still cool.



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Updated: March 31, 2016 — 3:25 PM


  1. I used the “Rough Riders” wheels/tires since they were so much bigger. They also had a neutral gear too IIRC.

    You used to get two sets of tires with the Stompers, one hard & soft rubber compound set.

    I never realized the Stompers were worth so much $$ nowadays.

  2. The school i went to at the time (cedar Valley elementary, Kent Washington), had a sandy corner. We used to build tracks with tilted berms where the trucks would slide and turn, it was a freaking blast. This brought up memories, thank you

  3. I was born in 85, and Ive never heard of these. Probably one of the coolest things Ive ever seen!

  4. Oh man, STOMPERS. I could go on & on. Here I though I was the only one. I built a couple full size, 4 door out of 2 trucks to end up with a stretched out rig with 2 motors out of circle slot car track rigs. Brass shims for the gear carrier since four 9 volt batties has a tendency to warm things up making a hard plastic glob, lol I have one of each color of the Chevy pickups & several other model.

    We’d take dirt & roll it flat with a giant piece of rolled steel & wet it down a little & have truck pulls. We made our own sleds until low & behold they started producing them.

    Anyone remember who built them? I had ’em all lined up model wise & nice & purdy until my wife let them fall of a cloths hamper scattering them all inside3 the tote, lol. She tells me I need to throw them out since they just take up space. Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

  5. OMG!! I remember those!!! I miss those days! I had all of them!!! And the turbo hoppers!

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