What’s Your RC Guilty Pleasure?

What’s Your RC Guilty Pleasure?

I’m a racer in the sense that I have raced competitively for years and race as often as I can. I don’t, however, fit the typical racer mold. I just enjoy far too many, what I’ll call, basher-related guilty pleasures. What’s an RC guilty pleasure? It’s something you enjoy but don’t readily admit or promote it, so to speak. The real world equivalent of listening to Elton John (yes, I admit it). There’s nothing wrong with it, per se, but it’s usually not the first thing you tell someone when you meet them and you probably don’t wear a “Rocket Man” T-shirt (no, I don’t own one) out too often.

So, what are my RC guilty pleasures? Jumping–as in big air. I usually hate the stupid big MX-style jumps on tracks, but give me a basher and all I want to do is launch it–over and over again until drain the battery, empty the tank or break thing. I couldn’t care less about going fast. There’s no need for speed here. Just going fast in a straight actually bores me pretty quickly. I love jumping. Big air, back flips, frontflips, smooth landing and nasty tumbles all thrill me. One of my other RC guilty pleasures relates to my first example, and that’s one-color paint jobs. If you’re jumping, you’re wrecking. So, as a result, I do enjoy a nice, bright but oh so simple one-color paint job. I just can’t see tearing up a fancy custom-painted airbrush masterpiece.

What are you RC guilty pleasures? Are you a speed freak? Aluminum hop-ups for the sake of having aluminum bling? Carbon fiber parts? Our you a radio hoarder? Come clean; what are your RC guilty pleasures?

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Updated: June 9, 2011 — 9:52 AM
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