What’s Your RC Guilty Pleasure?

What’s Your RC Guilty Pleasure?

I’m a racer in the sense that I have raced competitively for years and race as often as I can. I don’t, however, fit the typical racer mold. I just enjoy far too many, what I’ll call, basher-related guilty pleasures. What’s an RC guilty pleasure? It’s something you enjoy but don’t readily admit or promote it, so to speak. The real world equivalent of listening to Elton John (yes, I admit it). There’s nothing wrong with it, per se, but it’s usually not the first thing you tell someone when you meet them and you probably don’t wear a “Rocket Man” T-shirt (no, I don’t own one) out too often.

So, what are my RC guilty pleasures? Jumping–as in big air. I usually hate the stupid big MX-style jumps on tracks, but give me a basher and all I want to do is launch it–over and over again until drain the battery, empty the tank or break thing. I couldn’t care less about going fast. There’s no need for speed here. Just going fast in a straight actually bores me pretty quickly. I love jumping. Big air, back flips, frontflips, smooth landing and nasty tumbles all thrill me. One of my other RC guilty pleasures relates to my first example, and that’s one-color paint jobs. If you’re jumping, you’re wrecking. So, as a result, I do enjoy a nice, bright but oh so simple one-color paint job. I just can’t see tearing up a fancy custom-painted airbrush masterpiece.

What are you RC guilty pleasures? Are you a speed freak? Aluminum hop-ups for the sake of having aluminum bling? Carbon fiber parts? Our you a radio hoarder? Come clean; what are your RC guilty pleasures?

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Updated: June 9, 2011 — 9:52 AM


  1. my guilty pleasure would be to win a big state event with a almost box stock car such as a b4.1 rtr with rtr shocks gear diff box stock shock oil set up etc oh yeah and a 20c venom batt and a gtb esc no timing when sponsered guys with factory team b4.1 xxxcr kyosho and xfactory high c batts advanced timing esc new tires better set ups all caught up but was able to hold em off with my rtr out of the box? id like to see a spec 2wd sc class with the associated rtr rs with jconcepts rear subcultures take it out of the box same batt same radio same truck and see who can and can not drive a true sportsmanship class……sportsmanship????? whats that????!!!!!

  2. Hey Matt, whats wrong with the Traxas Rustler??? (poke) hehe.

    It’s not as “pro” as a t4, but it sure holds it’s own. Besides, funny how now the Slash guys are doing “rustler conversions” to win. 🙂 🙂

    I knew the Rustler was good. Since 1998. 🙂

    Look at that platform now!

    (just giving you the gears Matt) 😉

    1. I like the Rustler just fine, of course. It’s a great basher that keeps getting better. It just isn’t made to race at that level out of the box.

  3. Being the odd man out. Everyone loves to be competive at the track, myself included. We all know the latest and greatest rc stuff out there, and how well it preforms. My Guilty pleasure if bring the old school or the not so know cars to the track. Its not always about winning. Maybe I have it in my head that I know I’m not going to win. So I normally bring outdated cars to the track. Yeah I know there not as good as the new ones out there. But when I go home at the end of the day and know I didn’t place last, makes ya feel good that your rc thats 10+ years old just beat cars that came out 10 weeks ago. I remember some time ago, when elec 2wd brushed was at the top of the list. I remember going to the races when the rc10T3 and XXX-t were the top of the class, almost everyone out there had one, top of the line elec, tires etc. Then I show up with a Team Losi Jr-T. I already knew in my head I wasn’t going to win, but was there to have fun with my friends. But at the end of the day, when packing up and having the 8 or 9 guys that I beat that were running the latest rc’s come to see what I was running, made me feel like the winner. Thats one of my Rc Guilty Pleasures

    1. I hear ya, Matt. One of the best times I had racing was when I put a Traxxas Rustler in the A-main at a big ROAR race at RC Madness years ago.

  4. I guess one could say my guilty pleasure is hoarding cars/trucks themselves! My collection has to be somewhere north of two dozen at this time. Started with a Tamiya FAV followed by a Blackfoot and Kyosho 1/8th Porsche & USA1 Nitro to a bit more modern T-Maxx, Slayer and Baja 5b.

    There all fun and getting my kids involved with R/C now, from teaching my nephew to fly R/C plus cars as well.

    Never enough time in the day!

    PS: My website is very old and outdated!

    1. Getting the kids involved is fun. My 3-year old son is just getting the basics. My daughter isn’t too into. I do think she likes the slower stuff and will drive a crawler around a bit.

  5. I would have to say mine is getting that “new” car or truck and then selling it off. I love to race, and I have my two vehicles that are my core racers. The Tekno V4 VE8 buggy and my Factory Team B4.1 are my go to first up racers, but every now and then I see a cool new toy at the track and think to myself I am getting one, only to sell it off for a loss a few months later and try something new.

  6. My RC Guilty Pleasure would have to be speed. Getting any R/C to go as fast as possablibe,(first part stage) and then how long can you hold it in a straight line. (second important part) This seems simple on some accounts, but I know there are others like me. Like when the Traxxas Jato 3.3 first came out. So many people I talked to said it was almost… dare I say “Too fast”. Now with brushless taking a lead, The next truck that comes to mind is that HPI Racing Savage Flux. That truck is crazy fast, and has tons of bottom end tourqe.
    Speed. My RC Guilty Pleasure.

    P.S. Spare parts or “security blankets” (Good one Tom) are a must as well, I never said going fast didn’t break anything. 🙂

  7. It seem’s that people are classifild as a racer or a basher . I think there’s a 3rd class , the back yard racer , for example my faverite thing to do is set a timer & see how many laps I can do on my back yard track without wrecking , in the alloted time , & then change set-ups , driving line’s , & style to see if I can improve & sometimes I even invite a few friends over to race . Am I a racer , basher , or a back yard racer ?

    1. Good question, Bill. Has Bill found the RC missing link?

  8. Love going to baseball diamonds to do long slides and drift around the bases.

    1. Good call. I’m with you on that one. The mega long dirt drift is a blast!

  9. I’d have to say that I’m a spare parts hoarder. I suppose it’s sort of a security blanket to know I can crack up my ride and have the ability to immediately repair it and get back out running. I’ve even been known to buy entire extra rolling chassis just for spares.

    When I’m out running, particularly when having impromptu races, my guilty pleasure without a doubt is making other people crash. Not major crashes… just annoying little ones. It’s simply hilarious to tag someone in the rear quarter panel for a complimentary 180, and then run away quickly before they can return the favor. I’ve probably seen Days of Thunder one too many times.

    1. I know what you mean about the security blanket feeling. You’re spot on; I’m the same way.

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