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What is Your Dream Project Vehicle?

What is Your Dream Project Vehicle?

If you could build any project RC vehicle, what would it be and how would it be built?

For me, it would be a basher. These days, race vehicles stay pretty close to box stock (I do miss the eighties when race vehicles were total project builds). The two most important attributes of my project would be durability and ease of use–it’s a basher.

As much as I love to blast around with a nitro monster truck, I think I’d go electric for the above-memtioned desire for simplicity. I am 99% sure it would be a monster truck and it would be 4WD.

I’m not a big fan of adding bling for bling’s sake, but my dream project would have to look cool. It couldn’t be boring or look ordinary.

Is your dream project coming together in your head like mine, or are you conjuring up something really out of the ordinary like a ducked fan powered snow mobile? I like that idea, but I also want something that I can use and abuse a lot and not just show off on occasion.

So, back to the original question. What is your dream RC project vehicle? What are the must-have hop-ups and the needed modifications?

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Updated: September 27, 2011 — 11:56 AM


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  1. now that 5th scale is getting bigger i have given allot of thought to being able to build a 5th scale crawler / scale truck . i would love to build a scale version of my own personal truck and 5th electric 4×4 with solid rear axle and custom gmc sierra body would be a blast to bash around in the sand pits and dirt bike tracks that i play in now

  2. I’ve always wanted to build a scale mud racer – a scale replica of Mud Patrol would be simply awesome.

    1. That would be awesome. A scale mud runner is going to be one of my winter projects. In addition to being fully waterproof, I plan to figure out how to make it easy to clean–some sort of chassis condom. Maybe I’ll figure out how to get one of those Outerwears shrouds over a scale truck. A stainless steel screw kit will also be in order.

  3. An idea I had is a Traxxas Slash with a clear Acrylic or lexan chassis. It would be completely see through and its shape would be similar to an SC10 or Blitz chassis

  4. My dream is a scale rig of some sort. Definetly class 2, and completely metal. For realism though, not bling. Metal body(means trail rash is literally trail rash), full tubework, custom frame, transfer case w/ dig, 2 speed transmission, interior, floorpan, machined metal engine inspired transmission(looks like the real thing, not an rc style electric one) and realistic all metal axial based axles. That’s my dream set up. Running pitbul rockbeasts tires to.

    1. I see the Northwest Scale RC website in your sign in, Dane. My wife and I just spent a week out there and spent most of our time on the peninsula, but also did the whole Seattle area tourist thing. We loved it. We plan to go back and will probably stay. It’s such a nice area.

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